Tours in Abu Dhabi (UAE). Holidays in Abu Dhabi: photo, trips

Tours in Abu Dhabi

Tours in Abu Dhabi

This Abu Dhabi is the official capitalThe United Arab Emirates and the largest shopping and cultural center of the country. It has a population approaching one million, and tours in Abu Dhabi become recently more popular among Russian travelers.

History and geography

The settlements on the site of today's capital of the EmiratesIt existed five thousand years ago. Abu Dhabi also has appeared on a map in 1760. Legend has it that long hunters chased gazelle, which as a result led them to a fresh water source. Beautiful animals gave life, and the city was given the name, which means in Arabic "father of the gazelle."
The island, which stretches Abu Dhabi, is associated withthe mainland by several bridges. It is washed by the Gulf States, which does not fall even in winter the temperature is below 22. In summer, the sea warms up to 30 degrees.

Briefly about the importance

  • Deserted tropical climate makes the city oneof the hottest on the planet. Participants tours in Abu Dhabi should be aware that the most favorable season for traveling here - early spring and autumn. By May, the air can be warmed up to 37, and in summer the thermometer often storm and 50-degree mark.
  • The bus stops in the city air-conditioned, andfrom the central bus station you can travel to other cities in the emirate. Subway in Abu Dhabi is just being built, and the main transport is considered to be a taxi.
  • On inwashed artificial island built Yas Marina circuit for the stage F1. Become the audience Grand Prix persons in Abu Dhabi may fall.
  • Among the most famous attractionsEmirates capital - the museum-park "Heritage Village", which tells about the life and customs of the indigenous population, and the huge amusement park "Ferrari", built inside a giant room.

Miracle East

The most beautiful jewel of eastern architectureHe became the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It began to build in the end of the last century and by 2007, Landmark has had no equal in luxury and grandeur. Going on tour in Abu Dhabi, is to make a visit to the mosque of Sheikh Zayed in the list of mandatory trips.
The building can be attributed to other "most-most"buildings in the UAE. Sex in the mosque is covered with the world's largest carpet and its chandelier weighs about 12 tons. It is decorated with Swarovski crystals and gold leaf, and also has no equal in the world's largest.

Abu Dhabi - A Place in the Sun


  • Tours in Abu Dhabi
  • Tours in Abu Dhabi

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