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Independent travel to Dubai

Independent travel to Dubai

"The most-most" city on the planet, Dubai confidentlyIt sees a leader among the very favorite tourist destinations. Here, all the big, beautiful, tall, tasty, affordable, exciting and interesting. It remains to obtain a visa, what can help any agency, and buy a ticket to Dubai.

When to go to Dubai?

Cooler just in Dubai, in the winter, when the temperatureair is kept at a mark of + 25-27 degrees, and the water in the Gulf only slightly cooler. In the summer heat rolls, and therefore a beach holiday can not have the most pleasant consequences. For those who fly to Dubai for shopping, it does not matter, because in this city, even air-conditioned public transport.

How to get to Dubai?

It is best to fly to Dubai Airlines flight"Emirates". It is their aircraft can feel the oriental luxury, even in economy class. In addition, the carrier often holds stocks and sells tickets at great discount prices. From the airport, which in itself - attraction, shuttle buses, staying in the vast majority of hotels.


can be placed in Dubai with any personprosperity. Contrary to popular belief, this city has to offer quite a budget holiday, with conditions and comfort even in the lowest cost Dubai hotel will be on top. By the way, most of the hotels offers a free shuttle service to beaches and shopping centers. Buses depart several times a day, and their schedule is available from the hotel reception.

Argue about taste

Dubai - the capital of high national andexotic cuisine. You can try any dish and get a glimpse of the culinary traditions all over the world. Prices in restaurants and cafes in Dubai may differ from each other in the order and location of places at the same time does not play a special role. Inexpensive dinner can be in the huge mall on the planet and at the foot of the highest skyscraper in the world while watching the show the biggest "musical" fountain.

Cognitive and exciting

Symbol and the Dubai business card - SkyscraperBurj Khalifa, 124 floor which is equipped with an observation deck. On the way up you should pay attention to a museum that tells the story of the construction of the legendary tower. The gold market you can buy excellent yuvelirku for quite sane price, and at the Old Market plenty to photograph a huge minaret of the Great Mosque.

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