Taxis in Dubai - price, order. How much is a taxi in Dubai

Taxis in Dubai

Taxis in Dubai

Taxis in Dubai - it is more than 4,700 vehicles owned by the State Transport Corporation emirate and its franchisees.

Features taxi in Dubai

Order a taxi in Dubai can be in the hotel (itcause a hotel employee) or stop him in the street (taxi stop in the places where it is possible to park your car so that it does not interfere with traffic - at a bus stop or in a "pocket" for parking). If you stop a taxi on the street, the trip will cost less than if you sit in a car parked nearby.

Tourists, especially women, it is not recommended to sit down to the drivers, private owners.

Please note that it is advisable to sit inVehicles equipped with TAXI boards on the roof with yellow lit lamp. You as a passenger, it is advisable to make sure that the driver turned on the counter - the screen will affect the landing fee (it is indicated in dirhams). To pay better too dirhams, because the dollar will fare more expensive.

Local drivers know where everything is locatedthe main shopping and tourist point, but maybe they will not know how to get to the little-known places, so as to avoid winding meter it is advisable to get a card, to show her the place where you need to get.

As in Dubai, there are taxis, which can beto travel out of the city ( "Long Distance"), then use its services, you will have to pay for all the passenger seats or split the fare with fellow travelers.

It is worth noting that Dubai ply paintedpink "female" taxi (they are for women, and the drivers of these taxis are the fair sex). The main parking lot of taxis are located close to shopping centers, hospitals, maternity hospitals, children's institutions.

In addition, the emirate is famous for its water taxi, the main place of parking which is a Bay Creek.

The cost of a taxi in Dubai

If you are interested in, how much is a taxi in Dubai, look at the current rates:

  • passengers boarding costs 3 dirhams (if you order a taxi by telefonuvy pay 6 dirhams), and taking a taxi from Dubai International Airport, landing them will cost 25 dirhams;
  • regardless of the distance covered, the fare you pay at least 10 dirham;
  • 1 km of track is from 1.6 dirhams;
  • if you need to get from Dubai to Sharjah, the total bill will be added to 20 dirhams;
  • hiring a taxi for 6 hours, you pay 300 dirhams, and 12 hours - 500 dirhams (price fixed for such services).

For tourists a taxi in Dubai - the most attractive form of transport, and taking advantage of them, every traveler is likely to remain contented.

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