How to fly from Sharjah to Moscow? Time of flight Sharjah - Moscow

How to fly from Sharjah to Moscow?

How to fly from Sharjah to Moscow?

In Sharjah, you could view the monumentHoly Quran, Fort Al-Hisn and "Sharjah in Miniature" at a local national park, enjoy the surroundings with the Big Dipper, "Eye of the Emirates" in the park Al Madzhaz, "communicate" with the wolves, deer, cheetahs, baboons and other animals in the zoo "Arabian Wild Life Center", to look at the exhibits of the Arabian wildlife Center, spend time in the amusement park "Al Qasba"? And at this point you should be familiar with the nuances of Flight, where you will fly back to their homeland?

How to fly from Sharjah to Moscow (direct flight)?

3600 km - the distance from Moscow Sharjah (on the roadwill have to spend more than 5 hours). For example, the duration of the flight to "Domodedovo" on an aircraft belonging to "Air Arabia", will be 5 hours and 10 minutes.

If we talk about the approximate cost of the ticket Sharjah-Moscow, it is 12700-19800 rubles.

Sharjah-Moscow flight with transfers

Fly in this direction can be traced toconsidering joining in Tashkent, Cairo, Doha, Istanbul and other cities. Returning home and making a stop in Cairo ( "Egypt Air"), landing at 2 flight you will be invited after 8 hours (total journey takes 18 hours), in Tashkent "Uzbekistan Airways" - after 15.5 hours (the duration of the entire path - 24 hours), in Istanbul ( "Atlasjet", "Aeroflot") - after 21.5 hours (the entire road will last 31.5 hours), in New Delhi ( "Nacil Air India") - after 14.5 hours (on the road spend more than 26.5 hours), in Doha from "Qatar Airways" and "S7" -spustya 13 hours (the duration of the trip as a whole - 19 hours).

How to choose an airline?

His return home, you can entrust one of the following companies, flying to the Airbus A 321, Airbus A 320-200 aircraft, and others: "Air Arabia"; "Qatar Airways"; "Jet Airways"; "S7 Airlines".

Departures from Sharjah to Moscow is carried outSharjah Airport (SHJ), located 15 km from the center. This airport offers a meal in restaurants and fast food, go for shopping in the local small shops (important: in duty free shops do not sell alcoholic beverages, as the emirate operates dry law), to visit the room for prayer and mosque, and children - to frolic on the playground. If a desire to quickly go through all the formalities and to relax in comfort, you can use the paid services.

Things to do in flight?

The plane can sleep, read a book ormagazines, think about gifts bought in Sharjah (bottles with colored sand, silk and wool carpets, perfumes, spices, Flavored tobacco, hookah, products made of shells, ornate lamps, oriental daggers, gold jewelery, furs, electronics, coffee and coffee cup ), or rather, about who and what of these gifts handing.


  • How to fly from Sharjah to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Sharjah to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Sharjah to Moscow?

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