Entertainment in the United Arab Emirates - amusement parks in the United Arab Emirates

Entertainment in United Arab Emirates

Entertainment in United Arab Emirates

UAE - a real fairy-tale country that seemed to magically grew among the barren desert. Perhaps that is why, entertainment in the UAE is also comparable with the tale.

The ski resort "Ski Dubai"

Skiing - this is not something for which you needto lay out a tidy sum to buy an expensive ticket to the Emirates. Would you like to go? Then go to the same Dombay, where the slopes are much more decent than the exotic "Arabian Alps". The "Ski Dubai" (incidentally, himself a ski resort located on the territory of a large shopping center) comes the tale. It's a miracle! And unless you can not count those 400-meter ski slope with real trees and snow that come here every day. After that, it is quite possible to believe that the snowdrops in January were not fiction.

Aquaventure Water Park

It is great fun and adults and children. You have a good time, a two-kilometer rafting on the river, then get into the waterfall. It is impossible not to try and hit the main water park - vertical drop. If you have strong nerves and heart stand the flight with a 27-meter height on a transparent tunnel, which is also routed through the lagoon filled with floating sharks, then you exactly here.

The creators of the aquapark strongly tried to get around all of its rivals. Additionally, you can take diving lessons and swim accompanied by dolphins.

Aquarium "Dubai Mall"

Aquarium of the Pacific is located in the largest in the wholeThe Middle East, "Dubai Mall" shopping and entertainment center. By the way, and the aquarium itself immortalized in the pages of the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest on the planet indoor oceanarium. The huge capacity, which passes through the tunnel of the glass 10 filled Mill. Liters of seawater. And living in this man-made ocean more than 30 thousands of different marine species.

And even in such completely safe placedubaytsy managed to come up with the present extreme entertainment. Visitors are offered to immerse himself in the aquarium and swim among the sea of ​​predators: sharks and rays. Of course, the dive is conducted in compliance with all security measures. Before entering the water, you'll be locked in a steel cage. For such a pleasure to have to pay separately.

Here is located and the zoo, where you can see penguins, reptiles and snakes.

Park Healy-Fang City

Park is a town with manyrides and this is the most favorite place for a family holiday. Huge roller coaster, a variety of swings and roundabouts attract many visitors. Strolling through the alleys of the park, you can meet with the heroes of different fairy tales. If desired, you can ride on a mini-train, or even a live "ship of the desert" - a camel.


  • Entertainment in United Arab Emirates
  • Entertainment in United Arab Emirates
  • Entertainment in United Arab Emirates

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