Kitchen UAE: photo, dishes and recipes of the national cuisine UAE

UAE Kitchen

UAE Kitchen

Kitchen UAE - this is the kitchen, which was formed under the influence of religious and climatic characteristics of the country.

National kitchen UAE

Beef, goat and other meats asusually fried in a pan without adding fat: in the United Arab Emirates should try skewers of marinated lamb or beef, fried meat balls, roast beef platter.

Kitchen UAE is famous for fish dishes. So, here regale triangular pastries (puff pastry) with fish filling ( "brick"), supplementing them with lemon and herbs, as well as fish kebabs and salted fish, which is cooked with flour and spices (as a complement to the dish acts as a special sauce, which watered the fish before serving). If you want to enjoy a delicious snack, make a choice in favor of eggplant caviar (mutabbal) or manakisha - melted cheese with herbs and olives wrapped in pita bread or pita bread.

It is worth noting that local food is quite sharp, as generously seasoned with sesame seeds, chilli, cumin, curry, coriander and other spices.

Popular Arabic dishes:

  • "Kustileta" (cutlet of lamb with herbs and spices);
  • "Guzi" (a dish of lamb with rice and nuts);
  • "Al Mundy" (a dish of chicken, steamed, with the addition of honey);
  • "Samman" (a dish of rice, vegetables and meat quail);
  • "Koussa mahshi" (zucchini stuffed with meat);
  • "Mehallyabiya" (pudding, pistachio).

Where to try the national cuisine?

Many good restaurants can be found in hotels,where in addition to local dishes, prepared Thai, Mexican, Japanese, French and other dishes. In addition, the food places in hotels have alcohol license, which is important for those who prefer to supplement the meal liquor. It should be borne in mind that some restaurants are allowed persons over 21 years, so if your age will cause doubt, you may be asked to show your passport.

In Dubai is a glimpse into "Mizaan" (visitorsthis restaurant are treated to contemporary and classical Arabic dishes and sweets, as well as offer them a variety of drinks and shisha) or "Al Areesh" (here does not serve alcohol, but it is perfectly cooked meat 4-month-old camel and other local delicacies).

Cooking classes in the UAE

Take part in preparing traditional cuisine wishing to offer cooking classes that are open in the hotel "Park Hyatt" in Dubai.

The trip to the United Arab Emirates can podgadat tocelebration Chocolate Festival (February, Dubai) or a gastronomic festival in Dubai (February-March) - are present can take part in a culinary carnival and events dedicated to the holiday of Taste of Dubai and The Big Grill (festival dedicated to the dishes on the grill), and visit the gastronomic fair Gulf Food.


  • UAE Kitchen
  • UAE Kitchen
  • UAE Kitchen

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