UAE population. The population in the UAE: features, weight, composition

The population of the United Arab Emirates

The population of the United Arab Emirates

UAE has a population of over 8 million people.

The first people in the UAE were more than 7thousands of years ago - they are engaged in hunting, fishing, agriculture, trade, pearling. And the history of the UAE as a nation, began with the December 2, 1971 - the day emirs six emirates decided to create a new state.

Today, the United Arab Emirates - a politically stable and economically developed state in the world, which is famous for its high level of security and the lives of citizens.

National composition of the UAE:

  • ethnic Arabs;
  • Indian diaspora;
  • other people (immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Asia, the Philippines).

On average, 1 sq km is home to 65 people, but the most densely populated areas is the coastline and inland oasis.

Official language - Arabic, but widespread in the UAE is still English.

Big cities: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Al Ain.

Most people in the UAE (96%) profess Islam, and the rest - Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism.

life expectancy

The average male population lives to 74, and women - 76 years.

The main causes of death - heart disease, road accidents.

UAE is famous for hospitals with high levelsservices that provide a diverse range of services to both local residents and tourists (in hospitals using the latest equipment and advanced treatment).

The traditions and customs of UAE residents

Residents of the United Arab Emirates - polite and hospitable people, who lives following the ancient tradition, especially in the wedding traditions.

Today, the wedding is celebrated by the Arabs as well ashundreds of years ago. Once the bride's family gives approval groom's family, both sides are beginning to prepare for the wedding. But admire the bride before the wedding, the groom can only when it is a male relative. Signing prenuptial agreement, marriage newlyweds will be considered only formally concluded, but together they can only live after the wedding will be played. The wedding can be played in a day or any other day throughout the year. Weddings in the UAE lasts 3 days and is accompanied by abundant refreshments, dancing, singing.

Intend to go on vacation in the United Arab Emirates? To during the rest did not have unforeseen situations, you need to know about some important points:

  • tourists forbidden to photograph people praying (prayer rituals of Muslims carried out 5 times a day);
  • You should not eat and drink on the go;
  • For thrown on the street garbage bins provided by the fine;
  • the local police at any time can stop every tourist, and ask him to show his documents, so it is advisable to always carry identity documents, or copies thereof;
  • if you happen to talk with the Arabs, do not ask about his wife - only the family as a whole;
  • should not denude (wearing too revealing clothing may be interpreted as an insult to the locals).


  • The population of the United Arab Emirates

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