Holidays in the UAE in April: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in the United Arab Emirates in April

Holidays in the UAE in April

Holidays in the UAE in April

In the United Arab Emirates in the midst of spring, but judging by thethermometer, has long been the summer came. Great time to open the beach season, and get acquainted with chic places and national monuments. Holidays in the UAE in April will be a unique, bright, memorable and highly saturated. It is important that the tourists were able to break away from the gentle beach, lulling waves, and then the Emirates opened in all its oriental beauty.

Weather in United Arab Emirates in April

West Coast during the day warms up to +32 ° C temperature, night bar is lowered and shows +20 ° C. Fujairah is ready to offer tourists vacation at +30 ° C during the day and + 19-20 ° C at night.

In the Gulf of Oman in the second spring Vodickamonth warms up to +21 ° C. In the western part of the Gulf water thermometer shows already +27 ° C. Umbrellas tourists can leave the house in April in the UAE, they absolutely do not need. month There is another problem - a strong fog in the morning may violate morning plan excursions and trips.

The beach get-together

April is considered almost perfect monthvisit the UAE, so tourists seeking peace and privacy, may forget here the route. But lovers of the bustling holiday in the company of relatives and strangers here perfectly relax and have fun. The same pandemonium seen in shopping malls. Although the season of sales and trade festival is over, the price is still a tourist delight.

Souvenirs and gifts

It is understood that the goods are produced under the brand nameknown brands, will be bought by tourists in the first days of stay in the UAE. But on the lovely gifts relatives and friends should not be forgotten. A wonderful and expensive gift - a gold bullion - is suitable only for the most important people in the tourist life.

Women will be delighted with spices and aromatic essences, silk fabrics and carpets. These men's gifts - hookahs, Arabian daggers, made in the spirit of the local traditions.

camel Festival

Wonderful holiday dedicatedmajestic ship of the desert, is held annually in April. Camels continue to play the most important role in the economy and is its symbol. One of the most important events of the festival are camel rides. Tourists are surprised to learn that these clumsy and slow animals can develop a decent speed. During the festival, held the auction, which becomes the main lot of the camel, and the final cost surprises even affluent tourists.

Photos recreation in UAE

  • Holidays in the UAE in April
  • Holidays in the UAE in April

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