Holidays in the UAE in January: the prices and the weather. Where to rest in the UAE in January

Holidays in the UAE in January

Holidays in the UAE in January

January in this country is considered a winter month, butit is warm and dry. In the afternoon about 23 degrees, but the water in the Gulf of Oman and the Persian warming to no more than 20, so that the risk to swim only the most daring and hardened. But this should not upset you, because in hotels, you can always dive into the water with a nice heated pool. But the sun here at this time all interested persons. Rains happen though, but at this time of year they are small, they relax you will not interfere. As you can see, rest in the UAE in January, has its own characteristics.

What to do in the UAE in the winter?

In this wonderful country many wonderful parks,water parks with attractions and entertainment. At this time, the flow of tourists is much weaker, and prices are slightly reduced. At this time, you can buy last minute, and it is easier to choose a hotel, but the room at the recommended order is still in advance.

This time of year is not as the sun beats down, somore comfortable, and you can make long trips. In Ajman, United Arab Emirates in the west, it is recommended to visit the National History Museum. It is possible here to go on a jeep safari in the desert or in the mountains and see the dry riverbeds, go visiting the Bedouin, to get acquainted with their harsh life of life. Be sure to visit at least one of the water parks of the country, or take a walk by the sea on a yacht or a small boat, which then traveled in the old days.

Al Ain Oasis

You are driving on a sandy desert, where there is no standingstop look, and suddenly among the boundless sand appears a blooming oasis of Al Ain. It is best to visit it in the winter, because in summer the temperature rises to 40! There is a museum, healing spring, the zoo, the fort of the 17th century. In winter, camel races are held. And all surrounded by greenery, so you will forget that next to a lifeless desert. If possible, be sure to visit the local bathhouse. This massage, and hair care, and pedicure, and manicure. This make-up, and the tea ceremony.

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