Holidays in the UAE in March, prices and weather. Where to rest in the United Arab Emirates in March

Holidays in the UAE in March

Holidays in the UAE in March

UAE moving by leaps and bounds intowards the creation of a tourist paradise on earth. Amazing structures that are being built here with cosmic speed, help tourists to endure the heat, the lack of coolness, other negative moments of relaxation in the desert area.

Snow-white beaches with clear blue water will provide a true delight to anyone who flew to rest in the United Arab Emirates in March.

The weather conditions in the first month of spring

March - there is a kind of transition from winter to spring,so the weather conditions beginning and end of the month strongly differing. The first days of March is cool enough. But in April the country meets really hot temperatures.

In the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi resorts orRas al-Khaimah, the daytime temperature soars up to +28 ° C. Dubai welcomes tourists a little cooler weather, +27 ° C. Since temperature records yet to come, rest in March is considered the most suitable for beach holidays.

Sun Sea Beach

Everything is ready for a heavenly pleasure travelers. The water temperature is increasing rapidly, approaching the comfortable parameters +23 ° C in the Gulf, +21 ° C on the beaches of Fujairah.

The main tourist contingent going to theDubai and around. Three large spa area enable travelers to decide on accommodation. There are modern hotels, on the facades of each of them displayed a five star rating, and one - even seven.

Hotels in other areas of Dubai are located justfarther away from the coastline, but tourists, vacationers here have the opportunity to go on a wonderful tour of the city to see the sights in the Palace of Sheikh Saeed, and Dubai Museum.

Festival of music lovers

The first decade of March in the UAE music. In Dubai flock to music lovers, amateurs and professionals, the famous "Desert Rock Festival." Here, everyone gets a platform for self-expression, music and street art, tattoo salons and barbershops. The festival is held the most interesting competition of wet T-shirts, but the right to participate in it are representatives of manly half of humanity.

Shopaholics of the world unite!

In the Emirates, in Dubai, tourists flock livingon different continents, but united by a single goal. Buy! A unique opportunity to buy goods for ridiculous prices provided to all participants of the Trade Festival.

Photos recreation in UAE

  • Holidays in the UAE in March
  • Holidays in the UAE in March

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