Taxis in Ajman - price, order. How much is a taxi in Ajman

Taxis in Ajman

Taxis in Ajman

Taxis in Ajman is the safest and most convenient means of travel: it is always available and quickly.

Taxi services in Ajman

If you need to reach or to SharjahDeira, you should go for a dedicated taxi stand at Sheikh Humaidbin Abdulal-Aziz St. Stop free car can be on the street (note that they must be on the roof of an identification mark), filing a driver corresponding hand signal, ask the hotel staff, where you relax, call a taxi for you on the phone or beckon free taxi driver (in some hotels " duty "several machines). Girls and couples with children, if desired can ride on a female taxi ( "Mahra Taxi"), with a pink color.

Because the driver can not always express himselfin English (not all are English speaking driver), then with a need to have an address and the name of the place to which you are planning to get in Arabic (not get in your car until you are sure that the driver knew where you need to drive) . Tip: if you want to use the services of the most affordable carrier, look for "Ajman Taxi" (the company logo will be reflected on the car).

"Group" taxis in Ajman

These taxis (they belong to the category ofunofficial taxi) carrying 4 passengers and hit the road after a sufficient number of people (in this case, to Dubai can be reached in just 10 dirhams, while an ordinary taxi this trip will cost at least 40 dirhams). In search of "the group" taxis can be poisoned in the Somali area of ​​Ajman.

The cost of a taxi in Ajman

Get an idea of ​​how much is a taxi in Ajman, you can then review those charged in the local taxi:

  • for a taxi on the phone to your cost of the trip will be added to 2 dirhams;
  • passengers boarding costs 2 dirhams and 1 km of track - 1 Dirham (if you go by car without a meter, the fare you pay at least 5 dirhams);
  • day night rate above 30%.

A trip to Sharjah is about 10 dirhams, upRas Al Khaimah - 25 dirhams, up to Umm al-Quwain - 10 dirhams. Paying fare, calculated with the driver not advisable to US dollars and dirhams - it would be more profitable, more so that in any case the driver will give you the change dirhams, and not on the most favorable rate.

If you decide to hire a taxi with a driver, the 6-hour service, you pay 300 dirhams, and 12-hour - 500 dirhams.

Move the emirate of Ajman is most convenient by taxi: in addition, it is possible to arrive and transport in Dubai, or the surrounding attractions.

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  • Taxis in Ajman
  • Taxis in Ajman
  • Taxis in Ajman

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