Taxis in the UAE - the price order. How much is a taxi in the UAE

Taxis in UAE

Taxis in UAE

Taxis in the UAE - the most attractive and populartype of transport. Moreover, there is a taxi is considered one of the safest ways to travel, so very popular. Rooms Phone: 800-4848, +971 (4) 208 0808.

Development of transport infrastructure

Public transport here is not yet developed to thethe extent that it was possible to say with certainty about the possibility to get tourists to any destination. Waiting for a bus that goes only in one direction, no one here wants, and therefore enjoys a taxi. The bus stops here too, you will not find, but the car will catch a taxi without any problems anywhere.

What types of taxis have

Here, as elsewhere, there are drivers whoworking for businesses, but there are those who are engaged in private carrying. As a rule, state or municipal companies, so it's not exactly private entrepreneurs. Taxis in the country a lot, and each organization has its own fleet, which is characterized by the color machines and other external features. Each car is certainly worth the counter, and the drivers are dressed in uniforms. Such service station companies much higher than from private owners, however, and the fare more.

Language problems

The most important thing that you need when orderingTaxi - the correct explanation destination. The drivers here do not speak Russian, and if you have doubts have crept in that the driver misunderstood the directions, better take another car. Tipping the driver does not need to indulge.

If you suddenly decide to hire a private trader, thebe sure to negotiate a price before the machine will begin to move from their seats. Moreover, this service can not please frankly: if companies for machines able to attend, then the private cab you can see the dirt, the lack of air conditioning.

The cost of travel

The cost per kilometer in the United Arab Emirates is1.25 dirhams. In addition, it will be necessary to pay the land. If this day is an additional charge 3 dirhams, and if the night is 3.5 dirhams. If you look in the middle, then a trip to the small distance will average about 15-25 dirhams. In terms of our money it is 4-7 dollars.

It is worth remembering that the cost of the taxi driver's services will depend not only on how far he would have to overcome, and which tubes are in your way.

trip will cost much more expensive from the airport. There are only planting costs 20 dirhams. It is worth remembering that in every area you can serve only company that works here, that is, if you brought in Sharjah Dubai-based company, it can only take back the company from Sharjah.

For women travelers have female taxi. It provides services to only the fair sex, as well as working with families with children. In the parks there are also luxury cars. Manage these taxi drivers who can boast an impeccable reputation. The price is only for landing in such a taxi is 50 dirhams. If you do not have cash, you can pay by credit card the way.

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  • Taxis in UAE
  • Taxis in UAE
  • Taxis in UAE

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