What to bring to the UAE. What kind of things and medications to take with him to the United Arab Emirates

What to bring to the UAE

What to bring to the UAE

Getting ready to leave for the United Arab Emirates, it is necessary to rememberpeculiarities of the climate of this state. It is enough to bring a comfortable and comfortable clothes that you feel most comfortable at rest. If you are thinking about what to take in the UAE, using our recommendations.

Necessary things

In a country with hot weather you will need to defend themselvesfrom the scorching sun. Therefore, one of the most necessary things it is necessary to include a hat and sunscreen spray sunglasses. It's worth noting that in all UAE buildings, including shopping centers and restaurants, air conditioners running at full capacity. So take with a thin sweater, long-sleeved shirt or a cloak, so as not too cold in the room.
Understand and cultural traditions of the country. Try to dress so that things are completely covered body. Locked clothing is indispensable to go beyond the hotel. Candid outfits may cause dissatisfaction among the local population. If you are planning to visit the United Arab Emirates in the period from October to mid-spring, put in a suitcase warm sweater. In the winter evenings can be cool. The temperature there does not drop below 15 degrees, but if there is a breeze, the weather seems cold. The tourist guide will come in handy, and the Arab-Russian phrasebook.

What drugs is better to take a

Be sure to grab a cure for flu andcolds. Due to the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, tourists often get cold. If you are going on vacation, take drugs to normalize digestion of poisoning, eye and ear drops, pain killers, plasters, antibiotics and antiseptics. Necessary medicines can be bought in pharmacies UAE. But it is better to have them on hand than to run in search of the necessary preparations. If you are taking medication prescribed by a doctor, and in their composition have drugs, then this should tell the customs officers. Otherwise you will have to pay a fine impressive.

What to bring to the UAE for the child

Of great importance are suitable sunglassesfacilities. Be sure to prepare a headdress for children. The kit should be a means to quickly help your child in case of colds or poisoning. Put the bag in a light jacket or sweater for rooms with air conditioning. The UAE will need bathing accessories:. Mask, swimming circle, goggles, fins, etc. In this country there is a huge amount of wonderful water parks and beaches.

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