Youth United Arab Emirates hotels. Best hotels for youth recreation in UAE

UAE Youth hotels

UAE Youth hotels

The United Arab Emirates is hardlycountry suitable for youth recreation in the widest sense of the word. The laws, which lives an Islamic state does not allow much of what used to tourists on the beaches or other exotic countries of Europe. Youth Hotels in the UAE - and at the concept is very conditional. Each resort in the UAE has several hotels, where prefer, for whatever reason, to stop young people, but they are likely to attract her attention because democratic prices.

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State of the UAE consists of seven emirates, eachof which is an independent state, but because some of the laws, regulations and customs in them may differ from those in the neighboring emirate:

  • The strictest laws - Sharjah. It is impossible to buy a drink or spend the evening smoking a hookah, and local regulations require a very strict adherence to dress code even in the beach areas. Youth United Arab Emirates Hotels in Sharjah - a concept rather utopian, but cheap rooms are found even in the "high" season is quite real. If the purpose of young travelers - a healthy beach holiday and excursion program in the style of "1001 Nights", the Sharjah them quite fit.
  • Fujairah is not only beautiful, but also ideal forrest of those who love diving. Here the most beautiful sea and its inhabitants, but because the experience of diving does not concede to Australian or Egyptian. Hotels for young people are hard to find and they are not too cheap, and to Dubai with its many entertainment too far. That is why Fujairah prefers young people, aimed at the quiet and romantic vacation.
  • Abu Dhabi may like young families withchildren. Firstly, there is always a little cooler than in Dubai, secondly, the prices of the youth hotels in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is much lower. But the main trump card in favor of the rest in the emirate - the park Ferrari World amusement where kids and young parents will be able to enjoy dozens of attractions.

With Dubai's height

Dubai - the most democratic country in the emirateterms of recreation for young travelers. Especially rave area of ​​the city - Jumeirah, where most of the clubs, bars and night discos. Prices for rooms in 3 * hotels in the UAE youth in Dubai are quite democratic, and happy with the level of service guests at one hundred percent. And Dubai has many shopping centers, amusement parks and attractions, and because youth leisure, despite the fairly strict laws here goes quite rich.


  • UAE Youth hotels
  • UAE Youth hotels

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