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Tours in Edinburgh

Tours in Edinburgh

It's here and come up with Scotch kilt and brought the breedcute doggies, bright representative of which was the famous clown pencil Blot. Scotland - a little foggy, a little hilly, full of ancient castles and melancholy sound of bagpipes - has increasingly become a subject of interest of Russian tourists. If you decide to buy a tour to Edinburgh, you will need a visa, a passport and a few days in order to fill them with bright and unforgettable impressions.

History and geography

Scotia Capital was founded, according to the chronicles, inthe beginning of the twelfth century. It was a fortress and the settlement around it, and flourished in the city has reached the age of Enlightenment. Capital status he was awarded in 1437.
Edinburgh is located on the east coast on the Bay of the North Sea. Part of its historic center was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Briefly about the importance

  • Temperate maritime climate ensures Scotsparticipants tours in Edinburgh cool summers and mild winters. Frequent showers come here throughout the year, and therefore difficult to identify dry or wet seasons. The best time for a trip to Edinburgh - spring, when rainfall is a little less.
  • Direct flights from Russia to the Scottish capitalnot yet, but the option to get to the docks in London and other European cities, there are so many. From the terminal to the center offers delivered buses and taxis. In Edinburgh go and train from Glasgow and London.
  • The symbol of Edinburgh for many years is a localtaxi, the role of which perform black auto-cabs. Ride on such a car will be expensive, but in the framework of the tour to Edinburgh, you can not afford such a trip as an excursion. Move on city buses are much cheaper, and the purchase of a single ticket "Edinburgh Pass' will significantly save on travel, and entrance fees to museums.
  • For those who are not accustomed to overspend andoverpay for the brand, the Scottish capital offers to stay in hostels. Prices per night in these hotels is significantly lower than in the hotels famous lines, and they are located in the historic part of the city as well.
  • Buy the best souvenirs in the shops on the Royal Mile, near Edinburgh Castle, and whiskey tasting - on Grassmarket area.


  • Tours in Edinburgh
  • Tours in Edinburgh

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