Beaches London: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches in London (United Kingdom)

London's Beaches

London's Beaches

Rainy and inhospitable England - suchstereotype is operated for a long time, so tourists prefer to travel to Albion, not in order to rest and to get acquainted with the culture and explore the local attractions, which blow all the magazines and TV stations. It may seem surprising, but, though the beaches are located in London and not exactly in the capital, but they do exist, but still in demand among the locals.

An unforgettable holiday in Cornwall

The best sandy beaches in London - is, of course,concept is not entirely correct, because in the city specially equipped places for a holiday you will not find. The British prefer to leave the territory of the city, for example, in Cornwall, and sunbathing are already there. Apart from a huge number of fairly deep fountain in London, where, during the heat almost bathed by locals and visitors, the beaches here are really to be found. In recent years, the Thames is not only strongly dirty, but also significantly obmelchali. Swimming in the Thames - is an occupation for drunk or desperate, best of all, of course, to go to Cornwall.

Coast of Cornwall is one of the bestplaces for a holiday in England. The climate here is fairly mild, the air is very clean, and the atmosphere of the entire region and the rings of ancient legends and sagas. The softness of the local climate due to the fact that the territory is very strongly influenced by the warm Gulf Stream. Spring in Cornwall comes very early, and fall significantly delayed. Of course, water is warming up too much, and the highest temperature at which you can expect - is 15-18 degrees. Therefore, bathers there are not many, however, who want to get a good summer tan - as much as necessary.

At rest there are many advantages in this region:

  1. natural beauty;
  2. unprecedented mildness of the climate, the opportunity to rest and not in season;
  3. the opportunity to talk with representatives of the local culture, meet unusual local dialect of English.

England - a country experiences

In England, you can not only have rest,to gain knowledge and experience, but also to actively engage in sports. For example, avid fishermen will be interested to know that it is very well caught trout and salmon, and artists can not draw a picture inspired by the local scenery. West England generous with experience, as well as enables relax on the 39 beaches on one just north of Cornwall. Large, equipped beaches, offers outdoor activities and atmosphere of ancient legends - is it possible to imagine a holiday beautiful than this?

Photos beaches of London

  • London's Beaches
  • London's Beaches

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