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Christmas in London

Christmas in London

Being the favorite holiday, Christmas in London brings together all family members. This day is pleasing British vivid emotions and festive atmosphere.

Features of the celebration of Christmas in London

One month before the start of the holiday London streetsdapple garlands and facades and windows of shops and shopping centers - lights and Christmas trees. A week before the feast of the English family home decorated with berries and pine branches - bringing it all to the house, locals are thus trying to disperse the winter gloom. In addition, the house hang mistletoe (at the front door set the wreath of mistletoe), whose task, according to popular belief, scare away evil spirits and bring good luck to the home.

December 25 at 13:00 before the Christmas dinner made "blow" cracker Christmas Cracker, inside of which are humorous messages, confetti, streamers and small souvenirs. At 15:00 Her Majesty exercises its appeal to the British people. A gala dinner serves as the climax of Christmas, during which accepted feast juicy turkey, festive cakes, baked pig's head, Christmas pudding, in which when the test kneading "added" a thimble, a coin, a ring and a button (the one who will fall a piece of cake with "surprise", will judge that it will wait for the next year).

Entertainment and celebrations in London

At Christmastime recommendedopen-air ride on the ice rink. At your service - rollers at Canary Wharf, near Hampton Court Palace and Somerset House, in the Christmas Park Winter Wonderland (Hyde Park).

Going for Christmas in Hyde Park, youIt will be able to sit in on an interesting contest "Cup of Peter Pan", in which members of the swimming club swimming demonstrate skills in the icy waters of the park.

If desired, you can visit the magnificent services and listen to Christmas carols in Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Cathedral.

In December (pre-specify the date) is to look into a museum of Charles Dickens - then read the Christmas story in the atmosphere close to the XIX century.

Christmas sales and bazaars in London

Christmas shopping happy customers discounts of up to 50%: sales begin with the first of December, and labels "sale" is closer to the holiday, you can already see in all stores.

As for the Christmas markets, take a look at the following:

  • Southbank Centre Christmas Market (here you canbuy souvenirs in the form of handicrafts made of stone, wood and glass, fragrant soaps, Christmas tree decorations, and weekly on weekends there are organized craft workshops).
  • Greenwich Christmas Market (here will have a chance to purchase handmade toys, clothing, original artwork).


  • Christmas in London
  • Christmas in London
  • Christmas in London

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