Children's camps in London for the summer. Children's camps in London in 2015

Children's camps in London

Children's camps in London

School holidays should be spent with pleasureand use. The knowledge gained during the school year, quickly forgotten in the city center. Especially when it comes to foreign languages. Therefore, language camp is the best option for students. This establishment vacation get interesting and useful. Child enshrines the skills and knowledge acquired in school, and also receives new information.

Why send a child to London

Popular recently enjoyedchildren's camp in London. They invite Russian children aged from 8 to 16 years. The level of training of children is not important. Even if the child is studying in school other foreign language, he can get to the profile camp to learn the English language. For training to be more effective, the children are divided into groups depending on the availability of language skills. To do this, the children are tested, the results of which form the group. it is necessary to take into account different requirements for the training process for selection of the training program.

Almost all of the London camp offerfirst-class quality. If the child has an initial level of training, he camp at the London School of fit. Relax in the language centers of London has many advantages:

  • classes are held in the form of a game, so children quickly learn new skills;
  • language skills are fixed in practice by means of active recreation;
  • children communicate with native speakers, perfecting the spoken language;
  • Communication between children is going on in a common language, which is English;
  • children do not have a language barrier;
  • Students get acquainted with the culture of England, studied the British mentality.

Holidaymakers have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the natural language environment that ensures positive results in the process of learning English.

Children's camps in London take students fromall over the world. They rest teenagers from Europe and the Russian-speaking children there is sufficiently small. As a result, the composition of international groups, the quality of education is improved. In addition to education in the camps are held exciting excursions, picnics, trips, parties, sports games, and master classes. Excursions in London provide an opportunity to get acquainted with centuries-old foundations, which are his trademark. The main attractions are located in the central part of the city. Legendary is the object of the Tower Bridge, the Tower of the castle. The children also visit Kensington Gardens, Baker Street and other famous landmarks.

Photos of children's camps in London

  • Children's camps in London

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