London 2 days: where to go in London

London 2 days

London 2 days

The largest city in the European Union, London is considereda Mecca for travelers. See Big Ben, the Tower of London and red telephone booths, a ride on the famous double-decker buses, try tea with milk during the "Five-a-shred" and watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace - the program at least for those who have decided to take a chance and see London for 2 days. However, if you wish, you can manage and even much more.

Highest point

You can start with a visit to the highest pointBritish capital, Ludgate Hill. There is the world-famous cathedral, built in the late XVII century in honor of Saint Paul. Its dome is hovering over London, and 17 bells, as a century ago, beat off time. In St Paul's Cathedral lie the remains of many famous people, among them - Admiral Nelson.

The memory of past battles

The route is a walk through London in 2 daysand include a trip to Trafalgar Square. Its importance in the transport structure of the city is very important: here many routes intersect and are located underground station. The area is named after the military victory of England, and the most important attraction here - Nelson Column, topped by its sculptural image.
On the square you can admire the façadeThe National Gallery of London, go to St. Martin Temple in the fields and remove the memory in the doorway of the Admiralty Arch. By the way, with luck, in the church in Trafalgar Square it is possible to meet the most famous of its parishioners - the members of the royal family.

You went to Piccadilly ...

The famous area of ​​London is located in thethe center of the British capital. Its main attraction - the colorful neon signs - make her sister in New York's Times Square and the Museum of Love, which opened recently, attracted a considerable number of visitors.
From the square starts the same street, on thewhich is the Royal Academy of Arts. London 2 days - this is a very busy schedule, even for the seasoned traveler, but to visit the museum at the Academy recommended unreservedly.

English Gothic

It is in this design is donebuilding Westminster Abbey, which, along with the Tower Bridge is a symbol of London. This church for many centuries served as a place where the British monarch ascended the throne and went on his last journey. Abbey founded in XI century, but today it is delicate Gothic tower emerges from the fog of London, forcing tourists admiring enthusiastically stopping.


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