London for 4 days: where to go in London

London for 4 days

London for 4 days

Once in the capital of Great Britain,travelers come to town with a rich cultural tradition, an abundance of architectural masterpieces and a variety of museums. As the time to see the whole of London for 4 days and did not miss anything at the most interesting?

Cathedrals and Castles

The main architectural attractionsEnglish capital located in the central part of the city. It was from here to London, and his heart the people themselves consider St. Paul's Cathedral. The largest in the country, second in size only temple of St. Peter's in Rome, London Cathedral offers guests a unique opportunity - the rise in its gold dome and gallery. More than 500 steps are overcome in one breath, and reward patient visitors get great views of the capital and its surroundings.
Tower - another architectural masterpiece with a richhistory. For centuries it served as a prison for prisoners of the famous, and now the custodians of the traditions here are Beefeaters. Their uniforms attracted the attention of tourists, who prefer to arrange a photo shoot with the guardians of the Tower. The program of the visit to London for 4 days should definitely include a walk on the city walls and visit the treasures of Windsor, the royal house where the relics are stored carefully.

Millennium Bridge and the London Eye

It is best to walk across the bridge, built toonset of the new millennium, in the evening. When in the UK capital the night descends, the bridge is illuminated by colored lights, and a wonderful panoramic view from the water at the Cathedral of St. Paul becomes part photographers.
One more modern, but very popularconstruction - wheel London Eye review. With a height of more than 45 floors town is visible at a glance, and fully enclosed and air-conditioned cabin allows comfortable feel, even those who are frankly afraid of heights. Buying a ticket on the Ferris wheel, you can take admission to several attractions, significant savings in not cheap London.

And all the king's men

Changing of the Royal Guard near BuckinghamPalace these days, of course, already carries a pure entertainment value. And yet look at this colorful action and hundreds of thousands of tourists come every day. Coming to London for 4 days, it is possible to carve out a couple of hours and enjoy the spectacle. Famous Hats Guards brass band playing popular music, and tourists in plaid, comes up from London fog awaiting the start of the action, create a special unique flavor.


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