London 5 days: where to go in London

London 5 days

London 5 days

To see the sky of London - the cherished dream of manytravelers. The capital of the UK - a place of surprising and interesting. About her filmed and written hundreds of books, but because "London for 5 days' tour program promises to be very eventful for each guest, regardless of their tastes and preferences.

The list includes

Scribble plan excursions with visit to London should advance so as not to miss anything important and meaningful:

  • Tower of London. A place where for centuries languished noble prisoners were kept and the foundations of the monarchy. Nowadays worthy custodians of the traditions of the English crown advocate Beefeaters, whose beautiful jackets attract those wishing to make a memorable photo at once sinister walls.
  • St Paul's Cathedral - one of the largest Catholic churches on earth, second in size only Vatican.
  • London Eye - a Ferris wheel, a height which is quite possible to see the entire capital of Albion.
  • Westminster Abbey, where for many centuries crowned monarchs.
  • Big Ben - the legendary clock tower, which checks the time Londoners.

Fans of cultural values

Coming to London for 5 days, it makes senseand make time to join the global values ​​by visiting the most famous British museums. For example, London's National Gallery is ready to introduce its guests with more than two thousand paintings samples. Paintings found in its halls, refer to XIII - XX centuries, but the most famous are the paintings by Rubens, Rembrandt and Titian.
No less interesting is the exposure of the British Museum,which is the second most visited in the world after the Louvre. In its halls is kept the largest collection of archaeological treasures, including - Egyptian mummies and sarcophagi. By the way a piece of the beard of the Sphinx of Giza - also property of the British Museum collection. The halls are collected moai giant statues of Easter Island sculpture "Discus Thrower", Michelangelo and Leonardo, and the world's oldest printed book "The Diamond Sutra".

Trafalgar classics

One important locations in London for 5 days in whichwill see many attractions, it is considered to Trafalgar Square. An example of classical architecture model, the area shows a perfect harmony between all its buildings. They say this is where you can feel the beating heart of London and feel the rhythm and the special temperament of the city.


  • London 5 days
  • London 5 days

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