Taxis in London - price, order. How much is a taxi in London

Taxis in London

Taxis in London

Taxis in London is quite expensive, but if youlimited resources, it should use the services of at least one time after the London cabs - the same city attractions like Tower Bridge and Big Ben.

Features taxi in London

The city has a lot of the usual taxicompanies, so a taxi in London can take on parking (they are located next to the hotel and the main attractions) or cause it to advance.

Check whether the driver is free to simply - on the roof of cars will glow yellow "ForHire" sign.

Order a taxi by calling the following numbers: +44 (844) 800-66-77 (EddisonLee); +44 (207) 272-02-72 (RadioTaxi); + 44 (519) 657-11-11 (YellowLondonTaxi).

Black cabs

The city shuttle about 25,000 black cabs, butnot all of them are black (they fit 5 people). It is worth noting that all of them are equipped with child seats and places for strollers and wheelchairs.

Using the services of the taxi, you do notonly to reach your desired destination, but in the course of the trip will learn many interesting things about the city that you are passing will pass (drivers not only polite, stress and well aware of the city, but are also tour guides - they are 3 years attending special courses) .

The fare in a taxi is more expensive than mini-kebah (latest drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers on the street).

The cost of a taxi in London

Important for you to know how much is a taxi in London? To navigate in the prices, review the following information about rates:

  • Tariff 1 (weekdays, from 06:00 to 20:00): the first 250 m is 2.4 pounds, and the subsequent 130 m - 20 cents, but as soon as the counter will show the amount of more than 17 pounds, 20 cents will be worth all the subsequent 90 m.
  • Tariff 2 (weekdays, from 20:00 to 22:00) for the first 200 m you will pay 2.4 pounds over the next 100 m - 20 cents, and after reaching the sum of 20 pounds every 90 meters you will pay for 20 cents.
  • Rate 3 (public holidays and every day from 22:00 to 06:00): The first 166 meters are charged at the price of 2.4 pounds each additional 85 m - to 20 cents, and as soon as the amount on the meter shows more than 25 pounds every 89 m will cost you 20 cents.

Payment with a taxi driver in the capitalUK original (travel paid solely on the counter indications) - the taxi you must go out, then lend the money to the side window (if desired, the driver can be left at "tea" 10-15% of the total).

Note that you can pay, both cash and cards, but it is necessary to specify in advance.

If you have bad speak English, did not know the city and want to take a ride through London with the comfort, services of local taxi - what you need.

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