Where to eat in London - cheap and tasty

Where to eat in London?

Where to eat in London?

While vacationing in the British capital, before anytraveler invariably raise the question: "Where to eat in London?" By the gourmet service - more than 7,000 restaurants of various cuisines of the world (most restaurants are concentrated in the West End and Soho).

It is worth noting that for a good meal in London you have to pay a lot, but in the lunch hours, many restaurants with national cuisine offers its guests a cheap menu.

In the British capital, you will be able to tasteTraditional English tea (16: 00-17: 30). For example, the tea ceremony (place for this event it is advisable to book in advance) you can go to the hotel Ritz Hotel's Palm Court - here you will be served tea sandwiches and cookies. If you wish to drink tea can be in any tea or coffee institution gnawing a sandwich, cake or cake.

Where to eat cheaply in London?

Quality and affordable restaurants offer a menu of Chinese, Caribbean, Indian cuisines.

Budget can have a snack in the network institutions "Coffee Rebublik", "Costa", "Aroma", "" Starbucks, "Pret a Manger" (sandwiches are 2.5-3 pounds of coffee - 1.8-2 pounds, soup - 3 lb).

Try a variety of beers and snacks in itIt can be in English pubs. Here you can dine and: as a rule, in their menu, you can find a potato pudding, roast beef, fish and chips.

Where to eat in London tasty?

  • St. John: This restaurant serves traditional English dishes - smoked eel with bacon and mashed potatoes, bovine tongue with chicory, a real English pudding.
  • Hakkasan: This Chinese restaurant offers its guests enjoy the specialties - Peking duck with royal Beluga caviar, silver cod, soaked in champagne and Chinese honey.
  • Le Gavroche: This French restaurant, which has 2 Michelin stars, includes in its menu of dishes such as pie with cinnamon and foie gras, venison fillet with spicy cranberry sauce, scallops with truffles.
  • Louis Hungarian Patisserie: This patisserie will like the sweet tooth - you can eat and almond biscuits with marzipan, eclairs, almond pretzels and other sweets.

Gastronomic tours London

If you go on a gastronomic tour of theLondon, calculated for a few days, you will be able to stroll through the City of London, visit the pubs ages 17-19 (here you will be offered tasting English ale), to go to an evening cruise on the Thames River (on board you will have to wait a refined English dinner from 4- 5 courses, aperitif, tea / coffee, music, dancing after dinner), visit the tea ceremony in one of the restaurants, as well as the master class at a local cooking school.

While vacationing in London, you can enjoy not only traditional, but also dishes of almost all cuisines of the world.


  • Where to eat in London?
  • Where to eat in London?
  • Where to eat in London?

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