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Education in the UK

Education in the UK

Get education in the UK is considered to be prestigious and honorable thing.

Features of education in the UK:

  • Getting high-quality education;
  • The presence of a variety of educational programs;
  • High quality level of teaching (teachers in universities working practices);
  • The ability to pass the pre-university education;
  • Ability to obtain three degrees (Bachelor, Master, PhD);
  • Each student has the right to count on an individual approach to learning;
  • Ability to learn additional disciplines (artistic, sports);
  • The ability to learn and improve English in a language school or training center (in the country of more than 1500);
  • British diplotene certificates and are considered the best and accepted worldwide.

Admission to the UK university

Admission of students in British universities is central UCAS Office (application for learning in a particular school should be aimed at this office).

After graduating from high school in Russia, it is advisable to enroll in training courses that will open up great opportunities for entry to a British university.

Important: training in British schools is paid for both foreigners and local residents (the cost depends on the prestige of the institution, the chosen specialty and years of schooling).

The main requirement for future entrants -excellent knowledge of English, so a few months before admission is studied in a summer language school. In this school, in addition to learning English, students can play sports, relax and have fun. Education Summer School on the average costs 700-3000 euros (the price includes tuition, accommodation, meals, training materials, excursions, transfers).

Those who have received higher education in Russia can continue their studies in the UK, sending the selected university the following documents:

  • Diploma (copy);
  • Completed application form (it will send a pre-university);
  • The results are passed IELTS test, which consists of 4 parts (the official test of the British Council, which aims - to identify the communication skills).

Educated at a British university, each student will have the opportunity to receive a senior position, as in the Russian and British companies, and major international firms.

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  • Education in the UK
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  • Education in the UK

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