How to fly from Scotland to Moscow? Flight time Scotland - Moscow

How to fly from Scotland to Moscow?

How to fly from Scotland to Moscow?

On holiday in Scotland you could seeEdinburgh Castle, the Chapel Roslin, Loch Ness, water castle Maoli, the Palace of Holyrood House and the ruins of Urkhard castle, swim with sharks and visit the fascinating journey through the large underwater tunnel in the entertainment aquarium center "Deep Sea World", visit Inveraray Castle and the house-museum of Robert Burns, to go to the Glen Grant distillery and Bladnoch, fun "Institute" in night clubs, "Cabaret Voltaire" and "Bongo"? And now you need to get acquainted with the details of the flight to Moscow?

How to fly from Scotland to Moscow?

From the capital of Scotland - Edinburgh to Moscow, you fly so far for about 3.5 hours (you will overcome the distance of 2500 km). Buy a ticket for the flight in the direction of Edinburgh Moscow can be for 19200-21100 rubles.

Connecting flight from Scotland to Moscow

In Moscow, you can fly with a stopover in London,Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and other cities. Flying with "Air France" Paris through the last 14 hours (2 landing on the flight will be declared after 7.5 hours), with the "KLM" through Amsterdam - 16 hours (2 to register on the flight you will be offered after 10.5 hours), with "Etihad Airways" through Abu Dhabi - 32.5 hours (2 on board the aircraft, you will pass through 19.5 hours), with "Virgin Atlantic" through London and Warsaw - 17.5 hours (to rest between flights passengers will be allocated 11 5 hours), with "Flybe" by Manchester and London - 18 hours (break between flights - more than 12 hours), with the "Brussels Airlines" via Brussels and Copenhagen - 19 hours (between flights you peredohnete 13 hours), with the "German Wings "by Cologne - 12 hours (wait for connections will have 5 hours).

Selection of the carrier

In Moscow fly following companies, invitingtheir customers to board the Boeing 737-700, Airbus A 321, a Boeing 737-500 aircraft, and other aircraft: "British Airways"; "Virgin Atlantic"; "Easy Jet"; "Transaero".

From Scotland to Moscow, passengers depart fromEdinburgh Airport (EDI) - it is located 15 km from the capital. Passengers will be offered a break in the usual waiting room (you can go shopping, go to the Internet for an additional fee, make financial transactions in currency-exchange office, banks and ATMs, luggage storage chamber) room Superior expectations (here you can play pool or tennis and other active in the field of sports facilities, to satisfy your hunger in a restaurant, go to the Internet via free Wi-Fi access) or the VIP-hall with a restaurant, a conference room, a small cinema, a comfortable sleeping rooms, where there is a plasma TV , shower, air conditioning.

What to do in flight?

The trip is to decide whom to bestowgifts, bought in Scotland as Scotch whiskey, Celtic jewelry, the Scottish kilt, products made of Scottish wool, tea with fruit and berry supplements and mountain herbs, figurines unicorns, figurines depicting the Loch Ness Monster, sporana - leather bag purse.


  • How to fly from Scotland to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Scotland to Moscow?

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