Children's camps in the UK in the summer. Children's camps in the UK in 2015

Children's camps in the UK

Children's camps in the UK

Vacationing in the UK - it's nice, helpfuland fashionable. In this country, open a large number of children's language schools and camps. They are found all over the country - in large and small towns, as well as the beautiful natural surroundings. Children's camps in the UK - it is an interesting recreation program. They offer a variety of services: the study of the English language, sports and humanities classes.

Of the areas popular sports in the country following types:

  • horseback riding,
  • rugby,
  • tennis,
  • yachting,
  • golf.

Art Lessons involve classescinematography, photography, dance, theater, music and fashion. Vacationing in the English camp is always interesting. Pupil of any age will find a hobby for the soul, during his stay in the UK camp. school program is selected according to the needs of a certain age of the child.

Accommodation in England camps

Summer camps are usually satisfied with the territoryschools or universities. With the arrival of the holidays, these establishments are exempt from the students. The children in the camps are trained in the morning. The second half of the day traditionally set aside for entertainment. Children in British camps are resting under the supervision of native speakers - counselors, trainers and teachers. Much attention is paid to such institutions studying the traditions and history of Great Britain. If desired, the child may live on campus or in an English family. The second option increases the ability to learn a foreign language. In these circumstances, the child quickly begins to speak in English. country very friendly to tourists indigenous population.

What programs are used in the camps

Children's camps in the UK are taking children,who speak different languages. All of them can improve your English by talking and relaxing in the company of their peers. Change usually lasts 3 weeks during the summer holidays. In some camps provide reduced change of up to 14 days. In the winter, spring and holiday lasts for about a week in the fall. However, even a week of "live" communication is enough to tighten English. The British camps have a wide range of recreation programs. There are institutions that aim to work with preschoolers. Return accept children 3-6 years. The number of teaching hours per week varies. It all depends on the child's level of training.

There are language camps slopingsport. Children attend classes in the morning, and then engaged in a variety of sports. To do this, the camps provide swimming pools, tennis courts and athletic fields. During outdoor activities a child can get the skills of the game of tennis, golf or football, to learn horse riding and dancing. In addition to sporting events camps offer fun: trips, rest at an amusement park, visiting exhibitions and others.

Photos of children's camps in the UK

  • Children's camps in the UK
  • Children's camps in the UK
  • Children's camps in the UK

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