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Rent a car in the UK

Rent a car in the UK

Do you plan to rent a carGreat Britain? In this case, it required international driving license and credit card. Sometimes, however, it requires only national law, but it may be asked two credit cards.

Features car hire in the UK

Minimum age is 21 years. Driving experience must be of one year. To be able to rent some cars - 25 years and three years, respectively. The car rental price is accepted include unlimited mileage, insurance against damage and theft with a deductible, insurance Compulsory third parties, airport fees, as well as VAT. The additional charge includes superstrahovka, second driver, child seats and roof rack, the navigator.

Weekly rental small-displacement cars will cost between two hundred and fifty British pounds. The minimum cost for a day is thirty British pounds.

Insurance when renting a car

Rent a car in the UK involves the compulsory insurance. What types of insurance are there?

  • Third Party - liability insurance for the vehicle to third parties;
  • Collision Damage Waiver - car insurance damage, not including damage to windows and tires.
  • Theft Protection - insurance against theft with a deductible or without it.
  • Top (Additional) Cover Damage Waiver - car damage insurance with a minimum deductible, but the glass and tire insurance is not expected.
  • Super Cover Damage Waiver - car damage insurance with no deductible, but damaged glass and tires.
  • Personal accident insurance - the insurance of the driver and all passengers during the ride.

The UK is famous for?

UK has earned the recognition of admirersmonuments that have survived from ancient times, modern and interesting museums, small villages and beautiful lakes. Oxford and Cambridge, Durham and Stratford-upon-Avon recognized as the best place to discover centuries-old traditions. London, UK capital, deserves special attention. This is where you can see historic buildings and visit the best museums.

Admirers of nature must visit the county of Lancashire, because here are located the scenic lake and the largest English National Park.

Fans will appreciate the eco-tourism islandScilly, located in the surroundings of the Gulf Stream. In addition, the program should include a guided tour Shetland Islands, because here is an unusual marine park and home to the beautiful Shetland ponies are monuments whose age is 3 - 5 thousand years.

Rent a car in the UK will allow to visit all the best cities of the state!


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