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Resorts UK

Resorts UK

Albion is not always covered by hazy smog, and at a certain season in the UK thousands flock to resorts wishing to soak up the sun on the beaches of tranquil English Riviera.
Located on the southwestern tip of the islandUnited Kingdom, this resort area famous for special natural beauty, and even entered into the UNESCO list of world heritage. Two dozen miles of perfect sandy shores abound with picturesque bays, secluded coves and rocky cliffs, and unique microclimate allows you to grow on this side even tropical trees.

Always in the TOP

Seaside resorts in the UK combinedsingle beach area, once a favorite Agatha Christie. It was here that the famous writer drew stories for his fascinating novels. However, the situation on the beaches of the English Riviera is not today brings no detective associations:

  • City Torkvey so remindsMediterranean resorts, that his guests did not immediately remember that landed on the shores of Albion. The former in the nineteenth century holiday destination London aristocracy, today the resort is very popular with British fans cool climate, peaceful seascapes and power relations between men, seasoned with comfort and cosiness severe typically English Hotel.
  • In Payton prefer to stay moreactive travelers, because of its embankments and squares are often the venue for a variety of events, festivals, carnivals and even sailing regattas. A wide choice at a local health food store a magnet on the beaches Payton adherents of a healthy way of life, and special attention to children makes this resort a favorite of families with kids.
  • For those who sent their foot in Brixham,main priority - fish restaurants. Traditionally, local people hunted fishing and because local chefs specialize in seafood. Port in Brikskheme - concentrated active life and the center of a variety of recreational activities. However, local beaches, like others on the English Riviera, are clean and well-maintained.

Welcome to Wales!

Blue flag on the island of Anglesey - a sure sign,that you were one of the best resorts in the UK. Wonderful beaches with clean sand in the town of Benllech is ideal for families and mini-hotels in the category "B & B" make this resort available to the traveler of all incomes.


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