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Rivers UK

Rivers UK

Large country rivers flow from west to east, andhere are small and unsuitable for the UK river navigation are aimed in a southerly direction. Why? It is not clear, but it is taken into account in the preparation of travel route is.


The total length of the River Thames - 334 kilometers. Source - Cotswold hill. The Thames runs through the territory of London, and then rushes to the waters of the North Sea. Thames almost never freezes. The only exceptions are very cold winter that England rare.

In its lower reaches of the Thames is influencedThe North Sea, which is reflected in the rise of water level during high tides. They reach to the city Teddington. To protect the areas adjacent to the banks of the river, dams were erected. In the cities, this role took high embankments.

The bed of the Thames navigable almost allOver. Barges can rise to Lechleyl town. Ocean-going vessels without problems reach Tilbury. Thames Water annually take the famous Henley Regatta.


River in the North-West of England. Its length of 63 kilometers, and then it falls into the water Mersey. Irwell played quite vivid role in the development of Manchester in the XVII-XVIII centuries, as its banks were used as a trade route linking Manchester to other cities.
The river has undergone dramatic changes during the construction of the Manchester Canal.

Unfortunately, the river was quitecontaminated. Irwell recovery began in the middle of the last century. And today she is ready to take traveling tourists, and is also used for amateur sports and boating, and of course, excellent fishing.

Liddell Water

Liddell Water - river of southern Scotland and northernEngland. For the most part it runs along the border separating the region of Great Britain. The source of the river - the place of mixing the three streams Keddraunskogo, Uormskletcheskogo creek and drank. Slightly downstream it starts to feed more and creek Douston.


The bed of the river runs through the English countyCumbria. Source - swampy terrain Black Fell (District Molersteng). The length of the river - 145 km. The river has several names: at the beginning of this Red Gill Beck; further - Hal Gill Beck; then - Ace Gil Beck. And only after that it becomes a river Eden.

The main direction of flow - to the north. During the trip, you should definitely stop and see the «Long Meg and Her Daughters» - «Long Mary and her daughters." This ancient structure, which is a huge stones arranged in a perfect circle. Notably, the confluence of Eden and Kaldi. Here is a fortification dating from the arrival of the Romans to land in Britain.


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