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Tours in Manchester

Tours in Manchester

English Manchester has always been at the hearing asone of the largest industrial centers in the UK. There flashed the torch of the Industrial Revolution, as a result of which manual labor is almost universally supplanted by a machine, and capitalism has established itself as the dominant global economic system. Today tours in Manchester - a real chance to touch the recent, seemingly history in turning the world economy and will forever change the relationship between people.

History and geography

The city is located in north-west Englandthe banks of the River Irwell, and has a population of almost half a million people. The history of the metropolis began in the tenth century, when people settled on the site of an ancient Roman settlement. Trade and handicrafts were the main occupations of the inhabitants of Manchester to the middle of the eighteenth century, when the Industrial Revolution happened. Having turned a hundred years in the world center of the textile industry, the city has combined all the trade unions of the country.

Briefly about the importance

  • Direct flights from the Russian capital is not,things to do in Manchester, you can start by joining in one of the European capitals. To get on a plane to London, and then to Manchester by train is not too profitable either in time or cost.
  • Climate Manchester guarantees the samecool weather throughout the year. In summer it is rarely warmer than 22, and in the winter the thermometer is unlikely to fall below 0 Rainfall also uniformly distributed over the months, and the concept of the wet or dry season for the tour participants in Manchester does not exist.
  • In the city there is an endless variety of bars,restaurants, clubs, located in the former industrial quarters. Once weaving workshop converted into stylish lofts, places where especially nice to spend time watching the game of local football team.

Red Devil

One of the main reasons that modernTourists are attracted by this city - a chance to see your favorite game of football club Manchester United. Called the Red Devils, Manchester players occupy the highest line in the UEFA rankings and is one of the most popular international celebrities.
The club was organized in 1878 and today ithome stadium "Old Trafford" can accommodate at least 75 thousand wanting to cheer for your favorite team. More than a dozen players in the club are included in the list of "100 Legends Football League" and fans of the game of chance sporting things to do in Manchester will always enjoy continued popularity.


  • Tours in Manchester
  • Tours in Manchester

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