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Tours in Wales

Tours in Wales

United Kingdom of Great Britain and NorthernIreland is composed of four administrative units, one of which - the principality of Wales. Its name comes from the ancient German word meaning "Celts". These tribes once inhabited the territory of modern principality, and it was a union of independent Celtic kingdoms. Tours in Wales are becoming increasingly popular due to the solid number of historical sites in the principality, its unique nature, the possibilities hiking on hundreds of different routes and, of course, the ideal conditions for shopping.

History and geography

Located on the west coastUK Duchy of sufficiently small size. It stretches from north to south for 270 kilometers, and from west to east - only a hundred. This makes it possible to include in the tour program in Wales trip through the province and familiarity with the life and customs of the locals and architectural landmarks, preserved in small towns.
The British seized the territory of Wales at the end of the XIII century, and the final merger of the two areas into one state was under King Henry VIII.

Briefly about the importance

  • To get to the capital of the principality participating in toursWales may by train or car from London. Direct flights from the capital of Russia is possible only in the UK capital. The train is no more than two hours, and arrives at the main train station.
  • Taking advantage of movements in the cityFlexi Pass card and travel card, you can save considerably. These tickets can not only free and unlimited travel around the city, but also give discounts when buying tickets to museums and other attractions.
  • Weather in the Principality is very changeable, but in general,climate can be called soft. The formation of the weather has a significant impact proximity of the sea, and even on the hottest month in the middle of summer here rarely warmer than 20. Winter frosts are unlikely, but for those who are planning trips to Wales for Christmas, it is important to stock up on jackets are not blown as the wind can be biting.
  • Lunch or dinner can be in Cardiffa variety of authentic restaurants as well as in institutions with national cuisine of various peoples of the world. The nail of the program of local national institutions - potato dishes, lamb and leek, which is a symbol of the principality.


  • Tours in Wales
  • Tours in Wales

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