Airport in Krivoy Rog: diagram photo. How to get to the airport in Krivoy Rog

Airport Krivoy Rog

Airport Krivoy Rog

Lozovatka - International Airport in Krivoy Rog,It located in the vicinity of the village of the same name 20 kilometers from the city center in the east of Ukraine. Its runway length of 2.5 kilometers of reinforced concrete and is capable of receiving aircraft takeoff weight to 170 tons.
Until recently, the airline servedpassenger and cargo transportation in Ukraine, as well as in the country and abroad. However, in May 2014 the air line in Russia were closed at the initiative of Ukrainian side. In addition, European airlines, in connection with the recent events in the country, considered that further cooperation with the airline may endanger passengers and crews of aircraft performing flights to the republic, and found it expedient to suspend all flights to Ukraine.


Its rebirth airport in Krivoy Rog,founded in the 20s of the last century, it survived in 1978. When in December in Kryvyi Rih airport landed the first passenger aircraft An-24, which the commander was pilot - the pilot 1st Class Victor K. Maksimenko.
Since then, the airline has expanded steadilyits route and increased the flow of passengers. new flights to Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Yerevan were opened in Tbilisi. The number of flights to the Far East, the Baltic States and Central Asia.
Increased ridership demanded extensionproduction base port. To this end, in 1984 the new terminal building was built with a capacity of 400 passengers per hour and the hotel also received increased class aircraft. charter flights in East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Poland were opened.
Gradually Airport Krivoy Rog has become an importantcrossroads of air transport communications. This has greatly contributed to the favorable geographical position, equipment runway complex and non-stop operation of the enterprise.
Today the airport has only a temporary cargo storage services. A basic enterprise Urga Airport (AirUrga) currently carries mainly cargo flight.

Tools and Services

Airport Krivoy Rog has minimalrange of services that meet international standards. On the territory of the airline has a medical center, luggage storage, room mother and child. Work ticketing offices, post office, currency exchange, ATM.

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