Best restaurants of Kiev - photos, prices

The best restaurants in Kiev

The best restaurants in Kiev

The capital of Ukraine - a beautiful city of Kiev - alwayshospitable and prepared a tasty feed not only its residents but also the millions of tourists who come to see its sights. Now you can find a variety of restaurants in the main menu includes exotic oriental dishes and well-known European dishes, but some restaurants preserved Ukrainian flavor, still pleases delicious soup, dumplings and dumplings.

It's like a fairytale

Hearing the name of the restaurant - "Goat Dereza"pass can no visitor Kiev. Main menu - dishes that are prepared Ukrainian selchanki, and in the concept - eco-friendly products.

Who refuses to taste the famous Pancakes,stuffed cabbage, shank, the same dumplings (about the size of a good pie) or casseroles full pan. And the interior Ukrainian hut-hut will feel Vakula or legendary Pan Patsyuk who dumplings themselves jumping into the mouth. The guests, of course, can try on the role of beauty Oksana.

Back to USSR

Restaurant with a funny name "Spotykach" helpto return to the Soviet past. This restaurant restored the atmosphere of distant 1960, the reign of Nikita Khrushchev's corn lover. It recreates the atmosphere of the old apartments with reproductions of famous paintings on the walls and the early records of Sofia Rotaru.

In the menu - friends, favorite foods, including the entire range of New Year's ordinary Soviet citizen:

  • Salad "Olivier" with peas and cooked sausage;
  • delicious herring under a fur coat beetroot mayonnaise;
  • potato pancakes (Ukrainian version of pancakes of grated potato);
  • aromatic baked ribs and sausage.

The name of the restaurant is fully justified - the famous drinks that are served in abundance to the table, forced to stumble, even a very steady habits of man.

Across the seas, the waves

Restaurant "Barkas" Customers like preparingsail to unknown distant shores. Firstly, the restaurant is located on the waterfront. Second, set the corresponding interior: a lot of wood, aquariums with live sturgeon, fishing accessories, pictures of seascapes.

In the "Launch" menu of the restaurant is dominated by dishesfish. Among the signature dishes - gourmet sturgeon in champagne, flounder and salmon, lamb and duck leg. Any customer's whim will be executed top-class chefs.

In the Ukrainian capital, the glorious city of Kiev, you can find restaurants for all tastes and flavors!


  • The best restaurants in Kiev
  • The best restaurants in Kiev
  • The best restaurants in Kiev

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