Prices in Kiev - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take Kiev

Prices in Kiev

Prices in Kiev

Kiev has always aroused interest among tourists from differentcountries of the world. In this city there are many interesting cultural sites and attractions. The question that interests of tourists most of all, is this: what price and in Kiev? Everyone wants to not only look at the beauty of Kiev, but also to relax, to visit some event or exhibition, as well as buy souvenirs. On the other hand, too much money do not want to spend on the trip. Consider how much cost accommodation in Kiev.

Prices of accommodation for tourists

Arriving in Kiev, you can stay in a hotel,room in an apartment or dorm. Accommodation on average cost per day of at least 11 euros per person. The lowest price observed in private hotels, hostels and homes. Much more expensive rooms are in good hotels. If the hotel has an excellent reputation and offers a high quality service, the number is about 300 euros a day. Rent an apartment can be for 200-250 hryvnia per day. Renting an apartment for a month - 2.5 thousand hryvnia, and more.


To move to Kiev by bus,minibus or car. In public transport it is necessary to pay for each trip. Stamps are sold in kiosks, which are located at bus stops. There is a system similar to the Russian one. You can buy a transport card, designed for a certain number of trips.

Food prices

In Kiev, affordable prices for goods and productsessentials. The amount that the tourist is willing to spend on your meal, may be different. It depends on the personal preferences of the person and of his financial capabilities. Grab a snack in the café for 50 hryvnia. If you order a complete meal for a few people at the popular restaurant, the bill will be much higher. Save on food can be, if you buy the products in the store and prepare their own meals. An interesting feature - in Kiev, prices for food in many supermarkets is much lower than the market.

Excursions in Kiev

Travelers come to this city toget acquainted with the famous sights. There are a number of excursions in Kiev, which allow him to join the interesting history. Walking through the streets on their own is not as interesting as the tour guide. After all, the professional will tell you the maximum amount of useful information. Many tour operators offer bus trips to Kiev and the surrounding area. Short program for a small group only lasts for 2 hours and costs 800 hryvnia. Arriving in Kiev, be sure to visit the most famous museums: the National Art Museum of Ukraine National Museum of History, Museum of Aviation and others.


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