Taxis in Lviv - price, order. How much is a taxi in Lviv

Taxis in Lviv

Taxis in Lviv

Taxis in Lviv is not the most popular means of travel: to blame rather high prices and well-developed public transport system.

Taxi services in Lviv

Before you hire a taxi, it is important to know thatcity ​​shuttle, both official and private cars. Recent significantly overestimate the price of travel, especially if you resort to their services at the airport or train station.

If you stop the car on the street, a trip toEither way would be more expensive than if you make an order a taxi by phone (driver-owner-driver, for sure, take with you an additional fee for travel in bad weather, as well as easy to jam). In order not to be deceived, it is important to know what it looks like the official taxi - cars on the door, you will see the phone numbers on which you can contact the Manager, on the roof - the orange lights, and in the cabin - the taximeter.

If you need a car, contact one of the service dispatching taxi companies:

  • "LvovTaksi": + 380 63 170 07 69, + 380 32 244 50 44, +350 50 194 44 91;
  • "Taxi Navigator" (in addition to the traditional carting, the company is engaged in transportation of pets, express delivery, ceremonial service): + 380 32 298 60 02;
  • "Taxi Express": + 380 32 244 60 86;
  • Taxi "Chance": + 380 32 247 9 September.

If you want to ride in a taxi, do notcauses harm to the environment, at your service - elektrotaksi cruising around the city: the fare in these costs as well as in ordinary taxi (3 hryvnia / 1 km).

Rent a car in Lviv

Rent a car in Lviv can be in suchcompanies as "Hertz", "Budget", "Europcar". On average, for this service, you pay $ 30 / day (on the rental period you will be asked to leave a deposit of $ 300).

The cost of a taxi in Lviv

After reviewing the tariff system, you will be able to know how much is a taxi in Lviv:

  • the minimum fare (it you will be charged, regardless of the distance covered) - 15 hryvnia;
  • 1 kilometers is charged for the price of 3-4 hryvnia;
  • waiting for you will be asked to pay 21-30 hryvnia (the price depends on the services of a company you use - some of them for simple and does not take an extra fee).

Pay the fare in Lviv taxionly cash, and with him should be small bills, because drivers may not always be a surrender of large bills (before the trip, you can negotiate with the driver about the price or tell him that you will pay for travel on the meter readings).

To at any time to see as much as possibleunique monuments of culture and history of the Ukrainian city of Lviv, it is necessary to take care of local taxi drivers. If desired, they can arrange a meeting at the airport or train station, take you to your hotel or hostel, in churches or museums.

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  • Taxis in Lviv
  • Taxis in Lviv

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