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Emblem of Ukraine

Emblem of Ukraine

Once upon a time Ukraine was part of the vast country,called the Soviet Union, and was the main state symbol, which is radically different from the coats of arms of other countries that were part of his time in the Soviet Union. Coat of Arms of Ukraine as one of the Union republics retained the features of the national historical characters.

In the 1990s, after the Soviet Union andUkrainian independence, the countries of the emblem has undergone some changes. Currently, along with the Ukrainian anthem and the flag, it is the main symbol of the country.

Two Emblem of Ukraine

The bodies of state power of the country expected to put in place two of the emblem, including:

  • Small coat of arms of Ukraine, consisting of the main figures of heraldry - "trident";
  • The large coat of arms Ukraine, which beside the trident appeared Cossack, armed with a musket, and the crowned lion.

Of the two main state symbols all stages of coordination and approval was small coat of arms. In contrast, large coat of arms of Ukraine is still at the stage of the bill.

Small arms - long story

The image of a trident as a major figure of Ukrainian heraldic coat of arms was approved in February 1992 in one of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The question of why the trident became the basisCoat of Arms of the country, still remains open. Numerous studies on this symbol and its role in the history of the Ukrainian state. The origin of the symbol, many researchers have linked with a stylized falcon Rarog, who was familiar familial Rurik, which is confirmed by archaeological finds. Others argue that this image is not a falcon and raven Odin.

In the Middle Ages the territorial and dynastic emblemsreplace the old tribal marks. So, on the arms of the descendants of Daniel Galitsky appears lion who climbs the rock. During the struggle with Poland Zaporizhzhya Sich independence Stefan Batory sent a special stamp, which was drawn by a Cossack. This image is known as the "knight-Cossack with samopalom". It was he from 1758 became a national symbol.

Ukrainian People's Republic and dreamed ofthe appearance of its state symbols, which could be drawn: a Cossack with a musket; menacing lion trident. It is the latter appeared as a symbol of an independent republic in 1917. Emblem of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was similar to the state symbols of other Union Republics, approved in 1919, the second option - in 1949.

With independence and autonomy of the Ukrainians returned to the landmark for their trident.


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