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Ukrainian flag

Ukrainian flag
August 23 - this is the official date of the celebrationthe day of the state flag of Ukraine. Today, the flag is a mandatory attribute and a symbol of statehood. After all, the national flag, as well as the very name of the power, is intended to express the essence of the country. However, getting acquainted with the history of flags of different countries, we can conclude that it is the fate of Ukrainian flag is very distinctive, since a very long time it was strictly forbidden and had two versions.
It is interesting that the "yellow-blakytny" flag appeared notin Ukrainian Zaporozhye Cossacks, who preferred yellow-crimson symbols, and in 1917-1918. At the same time formally been approved two versions: the West and the East-Ukrainian Ukrainian. Their colors were identical, and different placement of colors.
East Ukrainian flag was "yellow-blakytnym": yellow top and blue bottom. It is a position more in keeping with the coat of arms of Ukraine, which is a yellow trident on a blue background. Therefore we can say that it is this flag corresponds to the laws of heraldry. But the West Ukrainian People's Republic flag is "blakytno-zhovto", thereby contradicting the law, but that did not prevent him later become the official flag of sovereign Ukraine. At the same time it is this flag was officially adopted Hrushevsky in 1918, the year that began by order of the Central Rada, the first president of Ukraine. Subsequently, he was strictly forbidden during the Nazi occupation and Soviet rule. Returned and approved by the national flag of Ukraine was 28 January 1992, shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union and Ukraine gained independence.
Interpretation of the national flag, representing theconsists of two equal horizontal bands of blue and yellow colors, characterizes the golden wheat field under the blue sky. Also, the blue symbolizes the rivers and mountains, and yellow pays tribute to Kievan Rus.
However, until now there is a perception that officialColor of Ukraine adopted the flag is upside down, and contrary to all the rules of heraldry and the old interpretation. For example, assume that a combination of "yellow - top, and blue - below" is intended to reflect the symmetry of the eternal divine harmony of two elements - fire and water, but not vice versa.
Today there is no any officialinterpretation of the flag colors, and the size of its classic for all countries in the world - 3: 2. From the foregoing it follows that the interpretation of the colors of the flag has changed over time, depending on the tastes of his contemporaries and political fashion.

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