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Dishes Ukraine

Dishes Ukraine

Ukraine has always been famous for its nationalkitchen. Cooking in this country has an incredible amount of recipes. Dishes Ukraine popular far beyond its borders. This is due to their excellent nutritional and taste qualities.

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The national cuisine uses a variety ofproducts and various methods for their treatment. For example, there are over 30 borscht recipes. It consists of 20 different products. Everyone is familiar with such dishes Ukraine, as the dumplings, dumplings, dumplings, rolls, cakes, larded with bacon, ham, hot, Grechanik and others. Many of the dishes are made from meat and vegetables. These include cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, kruchenyky etc. are very tasty Ukrainian dishes with mushrooms:.. Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, duck with noodles and mushrooms, a joker, dumplings, mushrooms and potatoes. Ukrainians prepare food in different ways. Products boiled, stewed, baked, fried, Passer. Extremely tasty food produced in clay pots. They cooked braised cabbage, roast meat with prunes and potatoes.
Cooks liberally added to food garlic. This is the main hot sauce, which gives a bright taste and aroma to any dish. Ukrainian cuisine is unthinkable without fish. Popular fish meat balls and balls, sicheniki fish with cabbage and others. Ukraine Vegetable dishes are often made with beets. Chefs cook beets stuffed, beet caviar, pancakes and burgers made from beets. The national cuisine reflects the traditions of each region. Original ethnographic group of the Carpathian Mountains and verhovintsev Polishchuks have their own traditional dishes. In the Carpathians, is dominated by dishes from corn flour, dairy products and mushrooms. Food Polishchuks consist mainly of fruits and potatoes. Ukrainian chefs attach great importance to the taste characteristics of food. They use a lot of herbs. The country has grown onions, cumin, horseradish, garlic, parsley, thyme, parsnip, pepper and mint. Dill and parsley are added to almost all the main dishes.

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Ukrainians often use lard. It can act as an independent component of the food or other dishes. Sometimes, fat becomes the primary fatty foods. Love of pork brings national cuisine to the kitchens of the Hungarians, Belarusians and Western Slavs. In Ukraine, the fat eaten cooked, salted, smoked, roasted pepper and form. They bacon, cooked on it. It is used even in desserts, combining with molasses and sugar. For example, Vergunov - confection, fried in lard. For lunch, the Ukrainians often served dumplings with various fillings (cheese, cabbage, potatoes, berries).
From drinks Ukrainians prefer kvass. They make beet, grain, birch, viburnum, cranberry and other brew. Distributed Uzvar, brandy, liqueur, moonshine, Spotykach and others.


  • Dishes Ukraine
  • Dishes Ukraine

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