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The traditional cuisine of Ukraine

The traditional cuisine of Ukraine

Power in Ukraine varied and satisfying. Problems with the power supply is able to experience only vegetarians, since the presence of vegetarian cuisine can boast only special or restaurants located in major cities.

Food in Ukraine

The diet consists of Ukrainians porridge, dumplingswith filling (cheese, potatoes, berries), a stew with potatoes, Ukrainian cutlets, stuffed with bacon and garlic, kruchenyky, potato pancakes, zrazy, carp, baked in sour cream ...
Ukrainian cuisine is popular all overworld. Arriving here, everyone will be able to taste the dumplings, dumplings, cheesecakes, Ukrainian sausage, game, Ukrainian borscht ... Surprisingly, the Ukrainian borscht has many varieties. So, you can try Poltava, Kyiv, Lviv, Chernihiv borscht.
Ukraine Food elevated to the rank of nationalcult - it has a good taste and quality. Visitors can eat in restaurants, cafes, fast food establishments (international networks - "McDonalds", "Yakitoria"; national networks - "Two goose", "Shvydko", "Puzata Hata").
Many Ukrainian cafe menu will be served on theUkrainian, Russian and English: from the offered variety, you can select the appropriate dishes that are usually prepared by complex technology and contain a large number of ingredients (in the Ukrainian cuisine is dominated by dishes of potatoes and meat).

Drinks in Ukraine

A drink Ukrainians are:
- Fruit drinks made from fruits and berries (apple, pear, cherry, raspberry, apricot);
- Jelly;
- Brew (it is made from rye bread, as well as from berries and fruits);
- Honey (natural bee honey boiled water).
If you arrive to Ukraine, be sure to trynational drink - vodka produced on the basis of fruits and berries. You may want to take part in the gastronomic festivals, coming, for example, Lviv beer festivals or coffee.
If you want to know how to carry outtea party, and you want to understand all the intricacies of tea brewing, you should visit the old house in Kiev. Here you will have the opportunity to hear the stories and gossip from the life of the Kiev aristocracy.

Gastronomic tour in Ukraine

Gourmets Ukraine proposes to use"Tasty" tours. So, if you want you can visit the wine cellars of the Crimea and the Carpathians, to get acquainted with the Carpathian cuisine, taste the different varieties of cheese, visit the best restaurants Uzhgorod and Lviv, to participate in master classes that help you learn how to prepare dishes of Ukrainian cuisine.
Since the Lions called gastronomicthe capital of Ukraine, it is possible to come here as part of a gastronomic tour, which is organized so that tourists could visit the most famous restaurants of Lviv. For example, going to a 4-hour tour, you can visit the restaurant in the 5 - in the "Gasov Lampe", "House of Legends", "Restoratsii", "Masoch-cafe", "Kriivke".
The price of this tour includes guide services and entertainment specialties and drinks.
Arriving in Ukraine, you can go togastronomic tour by the route (Ukrainian, Gypsy, Hungarian) and its duration (one-day or longer) in its sole discretion.

Photos of Ukraine's national dishes

  • The traditional cuisine of Ukraine

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