Excursions in Kharkov. Sightseeing tours to Kharkov

Excursions in Kharkov

Excursions in Kharkov

Kharkiv - a relatively young city, but ratherunique in its kind. There are many legends about the origin of Kharkov. City bestows all his generosity, for his coat of arms depicts a cornucopia. During the tour, Kharkov you can see how creative and industrial city, as a place with special, down the centuries, Ukrainian traditions. After Kharkov was once the first capital of Ukraine, it has an unrivaled architecture and surprises tourists.

Kharkiv - city with an interesting history

City tour completely captures and plunges into history. The most beautiful places are striking in their brightness and create a lot of pleasant memories.

Sightseeing tours in Kharkov include inspection of its main attractions:

  • South railway station square is one of the most beautiful squares of Ukraine. It is unusual because of the abundance of flower beds and a large fountain in the center.
  • Cathedral of the Annunciation - five-domed church with a bell tower, which is recognized as the first beauty among the city's cathedral.
  • Cathedral of the Assumption, which was built in 1855 to commemorate the victory over Napoleon, is famous for its bell tower. The cathedral is a unique organ, manufactured in Czechoslovakia.
  • Holy Virgin Monastery - the oldest cathedral in Kharkov, founded in 1726 within the walls of the Kharkiv fortress. Skovoroda taught here.
  • Monument of Independence of Ukraine. In the center stands a bronze column 16 meters high, at the foot of which the figure of a girl. At the top of the column sits the falcon, and its wings are folded in the form of a trident.
  • Monument to Taras Shevchenko was erected in 1935 and recognized as the most beautiful monument of the legendary poet in the world. In the center of the monument is a figure of the Kobzar, and around it there are 16 figures of the heroes of his works.
  • Monument soccer ball. This large bronze statue of happy sports fans.
  • Freedom Square - the main square in the center ofKharkov. In Europe, it is the sixth largest in the world - the eleventh, the size - about 12 hectares. All festive city events take place in this area.
  • Fountain "The glass jet" - in a national "Mirror Stream" - has long been a symbol of Kharkov.

In addition, the city can visit the many gardens in which there are amusement parks. Rest assured, you will be remembered by Harkov a long time!

Photo excursions in Kharkov

  • Excursions in Kharkov
  • Excursions in Kharkov
  • Excursions in Kharkov

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