Wines Ukraine - red, dry white. The best wines of Ukraine

Ukraine Wines

Ukraine Wines

The wine industry in Ukraine has longhistory and reputation of the product produced by it can be successfully exported it not only to Europe or Russia, but also countries in North America. Due to the favorable climate and good morals, Ukraine wines can compete for the title of one of the best in the world ranking.

History and geography

History of Ukraine consists of several winemakingtens of centuries. Archaeologists believe that already in the IV century BC. e. in the Black Sea regions made the first wine, and in the XI century monastery near Kiev and Chernigov were famous for their own drinks from the grape fruit.
In the days of the Soviet Union, Ukraine becamethe largest manufacturer and supplier of various wines in the country. Anti-alcohol campaign in the mid 80-ies dealt a terrible blow to the Vine and Wine. Hundreds of hectares of vines have been cut down at the root, and most of the businesses - closed.
Modern State recovers its grape production, and the result of these efforts becomes increase Ukrainian wine production and its export to other countries.

Regions and varieties

The main wine-growing power of Ukraineconcentrated in the Carpathians, South Bessarabia and Black Sea region. It is here that the climatic conditions for growing grape varieties of which produce the best wines of Ukraine:

  • Aliquot - white grape variety, giving a subtle fruity wine with hints of citrus and peach.
  • Riesling, from which the famous cook fresh sour wine, extracts year and a half with the noble notes of pine needles and oak.
  • Chardonnay, without which it is impossible to prepare a blending wine with soft aromas of roses and a slight taste of melon.
  • Merlot is used to produce the classic red wines of Ukraine - the rich, powerful with a unique aftertaste of cherries and wonder intense ruby ​​color.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, which gives the king of red wines - a noble beverage, seasoned with notes of black currant and bird cherry light veil.

A separate line is necessary to mention sparkling winesUkraine, created from the fruit varieties Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Feteasca. These drinks are not inferior in quality to the famous "Soviet champagne", and prepare them for the factories of Odessa, Lviv, Kiev and Kharkov.


  • Ukraine Wines
  • Ukraine Wines

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