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Tours to Samarkand

Tours to Samarkand

The colorful bazaars and handmade carpets fromthe finest silk, intoxicating smell of plov and colorful skullcaps on their heads girls, braids adorned with hundreds of ancient mosques and domes of heat, haze stretching beyond the horizon - all Samarkand, a city where every traveler starts to believe in a fairy tale. At compatriots tours to Samarkand has always enjoyed great popularity, because even as a "medium", Asia is full of mysteries and exotic, the more that there is still quite well spoken in Russian.

History and geography

One of the oldest cities on the planet lies onsouth-east of Uzbekistan. Its history goes back several thousand years. He served as the capital of the kingdom of Sogdiana and twenty centuries was mainly on the Great Silk Road that connected China with the Old World. The invasion of the hordes of Genghis Khan erased the ancient city to the ground and for many years here reigned desert.
Tamerlane's army, which came back to SamarkandLife in the city once again flowered gardens and were built mosques and madrasahs. In the XIV century Samarkand was the capital of Tamerlane's empire, as evidenced by preserved architectural structures and numerous archaeological excavations. That is the grandson of Tamerlane built all the most significant part of the city and its cultural heritage can be seen during the tour in Samarkand.

Briefly about the importance

  • Located in the heart of the desert, the city is differentintense heat in the summer months. The air temperature in July can reach 45 in the shade, with virtually no rainfall. In winter the average daytime temperature rises to an average of 10, and the main rainfall in March and April. The history of weather observations recorded and freezing temperatures in the winter, but it is rather an exception to the south of the city than the rule.
  • To get to Samarkand is best through the capital of Uzbekistan, where the seats on a train or a local flight.
  • The most beautiful place that should be visited intour to Samarkand - is the central area of ​​the city. It's called Registan, as well as all major areas in the Central Asian cities. Registan Samarkand is famous for its unique architectural ensemble of three madrasahs. So-called educational institutions in Muslim countries, where children receive not only secondary, but also spiritual education.
  • Architectural monuments in the center of Samarkand were built in the XV-XVII centuries. Today majestic buildings taken under UNESCO protection and entered in the list of World Cultural Heritage.


  • Tours to Samarkand
  • Tours to Samarkand
  • Tours to Samarkand

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