Entertainment in Tashkent - photo. Amusement parks in Tashkent.

Entertainment in Tashkent

Entertainment in Tashkent

Entertainment in Tashkent - is walking around the city, going to restaurants, local markets and entertainment centers.

Amusement parks in Tashkent

  • "Tashkent-Land": Visitors of the amusement park will be able to spend time on the playground and various attractions ( "Hammer", "wave", "Rollercoaster", "Ferris wheel"), a boat ride, visit the medieval horror castle, take part in interactive games and attend the interesting shows.
  • "Sezam Garden": This entertainment complex animators attract children to participate in fun contests and offer them a ride on a variety of roundabouts, as well as to look into the living room with gaming machines. As for parents, they are able to visit the café-restaurant and enjoy Turkish, European and Uzbek dishes.

What kind of entertainment in Tashkent?

Those who wish to skate advised to lookin the Ice Palace "Ice Avenue" (if you freeze to death, here you will be offered a drink hot tea or coffee and cake). Since then regular sports and cultural events, you will be able to attend to them, visiting the Ice Palace in the days of those activities.

On vacation should not miss your attention TashkentZoo - visiting it, you will see some 500 wildlife species, including gorillas, giraffes and zebras. Here you will be offered to visit different parts of the zoo, such as "waterfowl", "Aquarium" (here inhabit, both freshwater and marine fish species), "Small Mammals" and others.

Lovers of nightlife will be nice to spend time in nightclubs "X Club", "Cotton Club", "Barxan", "Caprice".

Unusual holiday destination can be SeenEcological Park: here you can see a green maze (it is made of living plants), a spider made of metal pipes, ceramic sculpture, fountain, made on the basis of plastic bottles ... In addition, when the park is open "Studio Craft", where everyone can create shapes clay or paint pictures. And here you can play sports and participate in competitive games.

Activities for Children in Tashkent

  • Aqua Park "Limpopo": here the little guests can frolic in the children's swimming pool, slides and playgrounds, as well as a snack in the mini-cafe.
  • "Orange Park": in this entertainment complex your child can ride the 60 rides, participate in contests and games, win prizes and gifts.

On holiday in Tashkent you will be able to stroll through the Botanical and Japanese Gardens, visit the fragrant tea houses, as well as in museums and mosques.


  • Entertainment in Tashkent
  • Entertainment in Tashkent
  • Entertainment in Tashkent

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