The streets of Tashkent - photo, name. List of well-known streets in Tashkent

Tashkent Streets

Tashkent Streets

Tashkent is located on the border of Central Asia and Europe. Previously, this was not considered a major city and meaningfully inferior to Bukhara and Samarkand. The main streets of Tashkent differ venerable age.

Interesting city objects

Scientists have discovered on the territory of Tashkentseveral archaeological structures that are essential from the point of view of history. For example, underground cell mausoleum Zayn al-Din refers to the 12th century. In the old part of the city stands the most important architectural monument - Historic Sheikhantaur. The bulk of the sights of Tashkent was established in the 16th century. Interesting objects are the building of the new town, built in the late 19th century. They previously housed public institutions. In Tashkent, focused set of buildings that survived redevelopment and restructuring.

Until 1865 it was considered a shopping center in Turkestan. The territory of the city was built adobe buildings of 1-2 floors. Tashkent had tangled street and irrigation network. Citizens actively used ditches (channels). From there they took the water for drinking and household needs.

In Tashkent, isolated 4 daha (districts) with itshakim (head) in each. City center was considered the central bazaar. Around the main square located: Eski Juva, Khadra, Chorsu. In Tashkent, in those years there were practically no tall buildings. Original architectural sites were very small. In this regard, Tashkent lost cities such as Bukhara and Samarkand. He could not be considered as the capital of the state of education.

Top attractions in Tashkent: Barak-Khan; Sheikhantaur mausoleum; Tower, recognized the highest in Central Asia; a botanical garden, a zoo, a planetarium.

Tourists are recommended to visit the Pushkin street,located in the center. On this street connected by major historical events of the city. It is decorated with the frame houses built before the Revolution. The main attractions include Independence Square. It is considered a symbol of Tashkent. Here it is held national holidays. On the vast square are green alleys and beautiful fountains.

Modern Tashkent device

Currently, the city recovered elevenareas:. Mirabad, Sergely, Bektemir, etc. In recent years, changed the names of many streets, which is connected with the revival of interest in the national culture of Uzbekistan. In Tashkent, it operates underground, with which you can quickly reach the desired street.

Photos of Tashkent streets

  • Tashkent Streets
  • Tashkent Streets
  • Tashkent Streets

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