Tours in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). Rest in Tashkente: photo, trips

Tours in Tashkent

Tours in Tashkent

The main city of the Republic of Uzbekistan isfive of the largest and most populous post-Soviet space. An important economic, cultural and political center of Central Asia attracts travelers with its historic sights and eastern markets, the ability to touch the motley coloring bustle of the city, there is a place where many interesting customs and traditions. Tours in Tashkent - this ancient Bukhara and Samarkand, the path to which necessarily passes through the capital of Uzbekistan.

History and geography

The valley, which stretches Tashkent is locatednear the foothills of the mountains of the Western Tien Shan. The town was first mentioned before our era, and since the eleventh century of the new millennium, it is called Tashkent, which means "city of stone". Over the centuries the Uzbek capital had time to visit a part of the great empire of Timur, and go into the hands of the rulers of Kokand. He conquered and enslaved Kazakhs Bukhara to know, and in the end of XIX century, the city became part of the Russian Empire.

Briefly about the importance

  • International flights arrive at the airportTashkent International Airport. Direct flight from the Russian capital takes about four hours. To get to the center of Flyaway persons in Tashkent are by taxi or bus. Average taxi in the city and is quite cheap. The train goes from Moscow almost three days, and therefore this option is not very convenient for those who do not have extra days off.
  • In the city the easiest way to travel by subwayTashkent. Subway Uzbek capital itself - vista. All stations have a unique shape and design for their used beautiful materials and natural stone.
  • A strong earthquake in 1966 destroyed almost all of the old quarters. Today, the eastern exoticism here most urban markets, where you can and should haggle.
  • Major purchases for that should go toTashkent bazaar - a handmade carpets, silk shirt, made with national bias, and surprisingly fragrant spices. Chief Tashkent Chorsu market called.
  • Brand Uzbek pilaf dish is best to also try the bazaar. The restaurants participating tours to Tashkent will not find even a hundredth part of the oriental exoticism, which literally permeates the market rows.
  • Attractions Tashkent - mosques and palaces,mausoleums and madrassas repeatedly restored, but still retained the amazing spirit of the old east. Entrance to the mosque could be closed during prayer, but in the remaining hours of almost all religious institutions are available for excursions.


  • Tours in Tashkent
  • Tours in Tashkent

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