Coat of arms of Uzbekistan: photo, value, description

Coat of arms of Uzbekistan

Coat of arms of Uzbekistan

The main characters in this stateStates, who took the territory of Central Asia, appeared together with the establishment of Soviet power. However, what they should be and that is symbolized, decided tall people in the Kremlin, not the indigenous inhabitants of the country. Coat of arms of Uzbekistan, the independent free state, appeared only in the 1990s.

Historical and national symbols

To date, the Uzbek state coat of armsIt is a highly artistic complex composition, where each element occupies a special place and plays a semantic role. Among the major components:

  • landscape, depicting the sunrise, blooming valley, river and mountains;
  • wreath surrounding this beauty and consisting of wheat and cotton;
  • crowning octagonal image with a crescent and star;
  • mythical bird Humo;
  • tape with the written name of the State.

Most of the territory of Uzbekistan is occupiedthe mountains, the people of the country is proud of its beautiful landscape, understand the value of water resources for the country's economy. To select the landscape during sunrise, a kind of symbol of the country, whose heyday is yet to come.

Wheat and cotton - basicagricultural plants, synonymous with wealth and food security. To the emblem used by the ears of ripe wheat and cotton balls. Octahedron is a sign saying the approval of the country, crescent and star - important elements of oriental culture. According to ancient legends and myths Uzbek legendary bird Humo depicted with wide wings, becomes the key to happiness, prosperity and freedom.

The symbolism of the elements and brightness of the image

At first glance it may seem that the coat of armsUzbek state excessively bright. Indeed, the color palette is rich and rich enough. But at the same time for each shade is its philosophical explanation and deeper meaning.

Luster shows the surface of the river through the silver, as well astide mythical bird feathers. Golden tones used for characters representing the country's wealth - the sun, wheat ears and cotton boxes. The green color represents the flowering of the country, in such shades painted branches and leaves, valleys and mountains. Tape with an inscription reproduces the colors of the national flag of Uzbekistan. Color is also used: blue - for the octahedron, white - cotton, half-moon and the stars.


  • Coat of arms of Uzbekistan

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