Kitchen Uzbekistan: photos, recipes and dishes of national cuisine of Uzbekistan

Kitchen Uzbekistan

Kitchen Uzbekistan

Kitchen Uzbekistan - assorted Tatar, Tajik, Mongolian, Kazakh gastronomic traditions. The glory was brought to her bright dishes, which are characterized by sufficient variety and excellent taste.

The national cuisine of Uzbekistan

At the local table soups are always present,vegetables, horsemeat, lamb, bread and dairy products. Famous Uzbek dish - risotto: it is prepared both on weekdays and holidays, it can be both simple and multi-component, made in sesame or sunflower oil. Different ingredients such as lamb or beef, cumin, barberry, pepper, saffron ... But in any case in the pilaf necessarily includes carrots are used to prepare pilaf, onion and rice.

The Uzbek cuisine is not the last placetake soups: among them stands out shurpa various kinds - "shurpa-shepherd" (meat soup with vegetables) and "kaurma-shurpa" (soup with potatoes, carrots and turnips).

It is worth noting that in the north of Uzbekistan often prepared grilled meat, rice and cakes of the dough and in the south - the complex vegetable and rice dishes.

Popular dishes of Uzbek cuisine:

  • "Dymlyama" (a dish of lamb, herbs and vegetables, which are prepared in a cauldron);
  • "Trouble fires" (rice, to which is added a quail);
  • "Shurpa-mash" (bean soup with lamb);
  • "Cholop" (there are cucumbers, radishes and herbs in this cold soup with sour milk);
  • "Basma" (a dish of braised lamb with tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, garlic, onion and spices);
  • "Oshi behi" (a dish of minced lamb with quince).

Where to try the national cuisine?

If you want to save, you can have a meal, going to street vendors - they make you buy samsa or portion of pilau.

As for restaurants, then to stave off hunger inTashkent fit "Afrasiab" (this place is perfect for those who want to get acquainted with Uzbek cuisine - in the menu they will find a kebab, pilaf, Shurpa) or "Caravan" (here the lovers dumplings), in Samarkand - "Karim Beck" (wishing to dine in intimate setting, offer to stay in a small cozy booths to eat lagman, pilaf and shish kebabs) and Bukhara - "Doston House" (feature of this restaurant is the fact that almost all of the Uzbek dishes are prepared here on the open fire, guests can enjoy pilaf samsa, shurpa and other dishes, as well as to look at the performances of folklore ensemble).

Cooking classes in Uzbekistan

For those interested in culinary courses should beadvise to look into the culinary workshop "Studio taste" in Tashkent (here held a cooking course for fans of Uzbek cuisine, and workshops). In Tashkent, you can visit the training center and "Katta Tanaffus", in which the open courses on cooking.

Pursuing the acquisition of tours to Uzbekistan, try podgadat trip to the holding of the Festival of pilaf (Tashkent, April).


  • Kitchen Uzbekistan
  • Kitchen Uzbekistan
  • Kitchen Uzbekistan

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