Vatican Coat of Arms: photo, value, description

Vatican Coat of Arms

Vatican Coat of Arms

The most amazing country in the world takesa tiny area in the center of Rome and at the same time has no limits to its influence on other world powers, where the main religion is Catholicism. Not surprisingly, the Vatican coat of arms is a reflection of the main missions of the state and is understandable symbols.

Keys to Paradise

The main colors of the emblem maintained inred, gold and silver tones. Golf is portrayed as a scarlet shield. The central role is played by two intersecting keys. And above them, appears the image of a rich headdress leader Vatican and all Catholics - the Pope. This papal tiara shown in the form of a crown of gold, richly decorated and adorned with precious stones.

According to one version, the keys shown inthe main symbol, open the doors of Rome and of paradise where dream to get all the people of the planet earth. Another version states that both keys open the doors of paradise, but one shows the path to bliss for men and the other - representatives of the fair half of mankind.


Connoisseurs of Italian history knows thatthe establishment of the Vatican as an independent state was going easy. In the twentieth century the question was very acute, is the so-called Lateran agreements were not signed in 1929, according to which the Vatican has received independence from Italy. Following that fatal for the Roman Catholic Church official decision was followed by the appearance of characters. An amazing city in the city got its own flag and emblem. The flag of the city-state two bands are shown: white and yellow.

On the one hand the coat of arms - is evidence of the secularpower, but because the Church has always claimed absolute rule in the world, she had "borrowed" the secular trappings of power, including the coat of arms.

Keys attended the main symbol of the papacyalready in the XIV century. However, it was believed that they belonged to St. Peter. The coat of arms shows the "enable" and "bonding" in the crossed keys as, moreover, they were tied with gold cord. The papal tiara, and then crowned this song.

As the shoots to the papacy consideredthe successor of Peter, his keys and took the place of the main characters. There is another feature - every Pope has the right to its own coat of arms, which necessarily contains the tiara and keys. And the rest of the elements of the personal character of a pope connected with his biography, the place of birth or education, significant events of life.


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