Venezuela Capital: card photo. What is the capital of Venezuela?

Caracas - capital of Venezuela

Caracas - capital of Venezuela

Caracas today is among the most rapidly anddynamically developing megacities in Latin America. It is clear that the capital of Venezuela, is also an economic and an important cultural center. Tourists from different countries, first of all, try to get it here, then continue to journey through the wonderful country.

Old city

Like any world capital, Caracas is dividedin the Old and New Town. Most historical and cultural attractions are concentrated in the old part, which is called El Centro.

Old Town has its center - Plaza Bolivar. This square is named after one of the national heroes of Venezuela - Simon Bolivar. His photo, biography, souvenirs with the image of the hero and revolutionary character can be seen everywhere.

In the area of ​​Bolivar many monuments, not directlyassociated with the name of the fighter for independence, but deserve the attention of tourists. Special gasps of admiration from the guests of the Venezuelan capital is Catedral de Caracas - the cathedral, which is considered the main religious buildings. Besides it, the area has several museums, including the Museum of Caracas, about the history of the city, the origin, formation and the contemporary existence; Museum Sacro de Caracas, storing extensive collection of religious art. These museums are not so important in terms of architecture, but in terms of wealth stored in them, fund collections, the description of which is admired not only ordinary visitors, but also professionals.

Another museum can be found just a block fromthe central square. In the museum, which is called "El Libertador", at one time lived Simon Bolivar. Therefore, this house - a subject of pride of every resident of the capital. The building is also interesting in terms of architecture - a bright representative of the colonial style.

A little history

Once on the site of the present capital of VenezuelaIt was one of the villages that belonged to an Indian tribe Caracas. Settlement locals were burnt, and in 1567 there appeared the first buildings of the modern city.

Caracas is considered the founder of Diego de Lozada,Spanish conquistador. However, it was not a quiet life, and the Spaniards, as the city is constantly exposed to attacks by pirates. Then, Caracas received the status of residence of the Spanish governor. The future center had to resist the French, until in 1777 he became the official capital of Venezuela.


  • Caracas - capital of Venezuela
  • Caracas - capital of Venezuela
  • Caracas - capital of Venezuela

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