Airports Vietnam - a list of international airports in Vietnam

Airports Vietnam

Airports Vietnam

The ability to relax on the beaches of the SoutheastAsia for a long time does not seem exotic Russian tourists, and the direction of the Vietnamese are increasingly flashes in search queries. Decent service for passengers and easy deployment of airports in Vietnam play in matters of the country of choice for a holiday not the last role. Fly from Moscow to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City can be several times a week by direct flights of "Aeroflot" and Vietnam Airlines. Pitertsy get to the exotic beaches or through the capital with connections to European cities. Rarely, but flies to Hanoi and "Vladivostok Avia".

The international airports in Vietnam

Among all the air gate of the right to take international flights in Vietnam are as follows:

  • Ho Chi Minh City Tan Son Nhat Airport in the south of Vietnam - the biggest in the country. Website -
  • Capital Air port Hanoi Noi Bai 45 km from the city center. Vietnam Airlines is based here.
  • Phu Quoc Airport serves the resort area and is located on an island in the south.
  • City, where the airport Cam Ranh Nha Trang - one of the most popular resorts in Vietnam.
  • Lien Khuong Airport in the central highlands is located 30 km south of Dalat. Despite international status, receives today only flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Vietnam Da Nang Airport - the largest inthe central part of the country. There are many sides of the lands of Asia - Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Korea and Indonesia. From Danang, you can fly to Macau, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo and the neighboring Cambodian Siem Reap.

metropolitan area

Hanoi Airport - one of the largest in the region. It consists of two passenger terminals, the first serves domestic flights, and the second receives and sends passengers from abroad.
The city center is separated airport 27 km and shuttle service is possible by taxi and by public transport.
In the list of airlines whose side land in the capital's international airport in Vietnam - "Aeroflot", AirAsia, China Airlines, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and many others.

holiday destinations

Vietnam's popular beach resort of Phan Thietin service HCMC airport. They are separated by 200 km of motorway, which can be easily overcome by bus, bought a ticket to Ho Chi Minh City railway station. A popular way to transfer - order delivery to the hotel in the tourist company. A taxi from the airport in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet beach will cost at least $ 120 per car. In Ho Chi Minh City airport land side of airlines "Aeroflot", Air Astana, Air China, Cambodia Angkor Air, Malaysia Airlines, and Thai, Hong Kong, Turkey, Qatar, Dubai and Lao Airlines.
Vietnam Phu Quoc Airport on the island - thea good way to get to the beautiful beaches of this resort in Southeast Asia. No direct flights here from Russia is not, but you can fly to the island, dock scheduling in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore.


  • Airports Vietnam
  • Airports Vietnam
  • Airports Vietnam

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